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Tiffany Johnstone
Tiffany Johnstone Thu, 03/13/2014 - 11:23

I love your title Amanda, very creative! Adorable page as well.

Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez Fri, 03/07/2014 - 16:21

Thank you. A work area without them in it does not! :)

Kiana Fitzpatrick
Kiana Fitzpatrick Fri, 03/07/2014 - 16:20

Soo cute, and I love that you included the cuties!!!

Catherine Olson
Catherine Olson Fri, 03/07/2014 - 16:08

cute page!! I love the clip you used for the pics of your girls. :)

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Fri, 03/07/2014 - 15:41

LOVE the "playce!" I really like how you clipped some photos of your girls to this layout.