A You're Adorable

A You're Adorable

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Recent Comments

Marlyn Ramirez
Marlyn Ramirez Thu, 07/03/2014 - 09:07

love this song and the layout you made

Dawn Prater
Dawn Prater Thu, 07/03/2014 - 08:48

This is truly adorable. I've not heard this song, I may have to look it up.

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Wed, 07/02/2014 - 20:41

And "C", this is so cute!!!

J.ajabad Abad
J.ajabad Abad Wed, 07/02/2014 - 20:06

Cute and colorful. I had to zoom-in to read the text after the letters and even then it was difficult to read. Either than that it's such an adorable piece to remember a mother and child tradition. :D

Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn Wed, 07/02/2014 - 19:52

This layout makes me smile; it's so bright, colorful and cheery! And such a nice way to record your bedtime customs...I'm sure your kids will cherish having this memory documented once they're adults and have children of their own! This is special...I may have to scrap-lift you to record the routine I one had with my son (he's 21 now so no more cute stuff at bedtime).