Pizza, Pizza

Pizza, Pizza

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Recent Comments

Joddie Samuelson
Joddie Samuelson Fri, 07/31/2015 - 22:28

So cute!

Raye Sims
Raye Sims Tue, 05/12/2015 - 10:51

what a fun colorful page. Love the way it is layed out.

Debbie Packer
Debbie Packer Tue, 05/12/2015 - 08:30

Wow! This is so cute. I love the circular dimension representing the pizza versus the squares representing the table. It is awesome! Great idea. Thanks for sharing this darling page.

Amara Van Lente
Amara Van Lente Tue, 05/12/2015 - 08:16

Thanks Vanessa! I really like putting this page together. Although it made me hungry too! :)

Vanessa Serra
Vanessa Serra Tue, 05/12/2015 - 08:08

This is soooo cute!