kitty tamers

kitty tamers

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Recent Comments

BethAnn Shepherd
BethAnn Shepherd Tue, 06/16/2015 - 08:36

Thanks, Beatrice. This was my first attempt working with black and bold and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Beatrice Loren
Beatrice Loren Mon, 06/15/2015 - 14:11

Love the stacked photos. The floral border really makes the black and white pp pop.

BethAnn Shepherd
BethAnn Shepherd Thu, 06/04/2015 - 06:40

Thank you, Ania and Maia.

maia rey
maia rey Thu, 06/04/2015 - 03:32

what an inspiration for multi-photo layouts!

Ania Archer
Ania Archer Mon, 06/01/2015 - 19:48

so cute!. Great layout.

BethAnn Shepherd
BethAnn Shepherd Mon, 06/01/2015 - 06:45

Thanks, Ladies! This is really an unusual color combination for me. Amazingly, though, it went together really easily!

Krissy Collette
Krissy Collette Sun, 05/31/2015 - 00:09

I love all the photos! Great papers!

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Sat, 05/30/2015 - 20:47

Beautiful! I love the colors and the patterns that you used together.