2015 in Photos

It was a good year! I love looking back through all the photos from the year and making a collection of my favorites. We had some fun and exciting trips this year: San Francisco, Victoria, Baltimore, an epic train trip I haven't even mentioned yet, and always time at the coast. But the photos I find I really loved this year were just little still lifes from around the house; photos that captured the details and minutiae of daily life that would have otherwise been forgotten. I'm making it a goal this year to look for more of those photos.


2015-01-24 16.04.20.jpg

2015-09-07 09.21.20 1.jpg


2015-05-16 06.13.16 1.jpg


2015-04-18 08.33.05 2.jpg

2015-08-22 08.03.00 1.jpg


2015-07-20 01.19.13 1.jpg

2015-07-03 06.18.22 2.jpg

2015-08-06 09.33.31 1.jpg

2015-09-01 03.59.12 2.jpg


2015-10-04 03.42.23 1.jpg

2015-10-11 03.12.53 1.jpg

2015-10-16 01.57.09 1.jpg

2015-11-10 10.21.30 2.jpg

2015-11-23 02.26.54 1.jpg

2016-01-04 06.52.56 1.jpg

Recent Comments

Sheri Webster
Sheri Webster Sun, 01/17/2016 - 17:38

Beautiful photo recap! Thank you for sharing.

Emily Silverman
Emily Silverman Sat, 01/16/2016 - 12:36

What a lovely recap!

Vicki Iseminger
Vicki Iseminger Sat, 01/16/2016 - 05:24

Beautiful photos!

Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer Fri, 01/15/2016 - 14:21

What a lovely look back at your year!! It's a little eerie as I have photo of a freight train that is almost exactly the same as yours - what a gorgeous shot that is. I love photographing trains & train yards - the lines & colors & shapes are always amazing. And have you read The Cloister Walk yet? I read it years ago & loved it.

Melo Vrijhof
Melo Vrijhof Fri, 01/15/2016 - 06:36

I love how you schedule Reading in your planner ^_^

Brooke Gazarek
Brooke Gazarek Fri, 01/15/2016 - 04:45

What a great summary of photos that captured your 2015! Thanks for sharing!