2016 Summer Road Trip: Part 6

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Once in Minnesota we had to decide on the route home. Because of family, we are quite familiar with the route between Oregon and Minnesota. But the thrill of the road won out, and our desire to get as much use out of national park pass as possible :) So it was back to scenic route for us.

▼ A quick stop in Pipestone, Minnesota, where the Native Americans quarry for a special stone from which to make their pipes (Pipestone therefor being a very good name). It was a very scenic little spot to explore.


▼ Next stop Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which was a surprisingly fun and hip town to visit.


▼ Then it's into the scenic wilderness, first stop the Badlands, South Dakota.


▼ I've been to the Badlands before, but not in the spring.
It was so beautiful to see even this barren place covered in green and wildflowers.


▼ Next stop, Yellowstone!



If there's a wilderness more fun to explore than Yellowstone, I'd be surprised.
So many bubbling, possibly stinky, pools to take a look at.


▼ And then a drive through Grand Tetons National Park.


▼ Apparently Jordan's favorite stop of the whole trip,
was a surprise we came across when driving through Idaho,
the wold's first nuclear power plant.


▼ And our last stop of the trip was Craters of the Moon National Monument,
which did look like the moon, and was very cold.


▼ The lava fields were covered in tiny, beautiful flowers.


▼ And with that, we finally made it full circle!



Recent Comments

Michele Trowell
Michele Trowell Mon, 07/11/2016 - 19:54

I didn't realize you are just next door! I'm in Idaho. I DO love the great state of Idaho! Glad you stopped by :) I do enjoy Oregon too....

Faith Anderson
Faith Anderson Mon, 07/11/2016 - 04:23

It's been a joy sharing your trip. Thank you

Cindie Deasey
Cindie Deasey Sat, 07/09/2016 - 10:08

Love seeing your trip! I miss so much when I fly and this reminds of all the beauty that our country has to offer - - - if I would just take the time to travel by road rather than air.