30 Days of Christmas: Day 24

30 Days of Christmas

Today's freebie is a collection of stamp frames. Enjoy!

Click on the image below to download. This link will expire on Dec 26, 3pm GMT +3.
Day 24

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Lisa Decosse
Lisa Decosse Sat, 07/20/2013 - 23:40

Love the stamp frames. Really neat.

Lourdes Thu, 01/10/2013 - 21:04

I love frames... Thank you!

arachne scraps
arachne scraps Fri, 01/04/2013 - 00:25


christy cole
christy cole Mon, 12/31/2012 - 19:39

Thanks, Marisa!!! Love postage frames but I think all I have are white so these are a great addition to my stash!!!

Heidi Shafer
Heidi Shafer Thu, 12/27/2012 - 07:35

Great frames!

Janet Scott
Janet Scott Wed, 12/26/2012 - 20:40

Gah...bummer I missed this one. I'm hoping they'll be up for purchase eventually.

Cheryl Lewis
Cheryl Lewis Wed, 12/26/2012 - 07:16

I keep getting an error when I try to download this piece. It is supposed to expire sometime today, and I was hoping it would be working for me this time. :( I'm not sure what my problem has been with this one. All the other pieces have worked just fine for me. Thanks for the fun this month!!

coutureuse Tue, 12/25/2012 - 09:52

Thank you for sharing !

vanda nunes
vanda nunes Tue, 12/25/2012 - 03:46

Thank you so much. Happy Holidays!!

Shuckclod Meow
Shuckclod Meow Mon, 12/24/2012 - 22:29

Thank you...

Peggy Drechsler
Peggy Drechsler Mon, 12/24/2012 - 15:57

thank you so much for the lovely stamp frames!

Leablahblah Mon, 12/24/2012 - 12:31

thanks! Merry Christmas!

Gigi Lamb
Gigi Lamb Mon, 12/24/2012 - 12:23

thank you! I like stamps - the postal kind & frames!

Patricia James
Patricia James Mon, 12/24/2012 - 11:40

Lovely! These will be very useful. Thank you.

Jessica Feagle
Jessica Feagle Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:33

thank you!

Candy Lee
Candy Lee Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:33

Thank you for the stamp frames. Can you believe it's the day before Christmas already! Happy Holidays everyone.

Brooke Gazarek
Brooke Gazarek Mon, 12/24/2012 - 06:30

great stamp frames, thanks!

Jessica Alexandra
Jessica Alexandra Mon, 12/24/2012 - 06:21

Thanks so much!!!

Tammy Espino
Tammy Espino Mon, 12/24/2012 - 04:39

Thank you so much for this gift! I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Lana Fischer
Lana Fischer Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:24

Thanks so much..love the sizes and happy holidays to all!!

Betsy Bush
Betsy Bush Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:15

Oh thank you so much!! I agonized over getting a stamp frame just right! You are too kind!

Emelyn Magpoc
Emelyn Magpoc Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:43

LOVE them! Great for a basic shape and thanks for the variety of sizes!!