A little fun from the hybrid gallery

We recently announced the opening of a hybrid gallery, and it's been super fun to see the projects being posted. I thought I'd share a couple here in case you missed them. I'm so excited to be able to share Pixel Scrapper with a whole group of crafters who we couldn't really enjoy before!

Elif has been posting some lovely minimal pocket layouts. I'm really crazy about this shade of pink, so I had to share this one:

By Elif

Love this fun alien card made by Sonja.

By Sonja

Shanti has been posting some amazing photos of her mini books. This one with the tags poking out is super cool:

By Shanti

Here's a hybrid pocket layout I made using my World Cup bundle. Can't wait until the next World Cup! Also, can't wait to see some more hybrid projects! Thanks everyone for jumping on board and sharing with us :)

By Marisa