December 2013: Monthly List

Here's the completion to my 2013 monthly layout project. This was a great, simple way to document the year. In some cases this was the only layout I made in the entire month, and it was nice to have this project to help motivate me to get at least that many made. It was also a fun way to use different blog trains that I was collecting at the time, which I often let languish in hidden folders in the depths of my computer. I'm not sure I'm going to do this project exactly the same way this year. I think I may be inspired enough to try and do a bit more than 12 layouts to capture my year.

December 2013

List Reads:
1. Christmas decorations.
2. Big snow storm.
3. Saw "The Lion in Winter" in Newberg.
4. Read "A Christmas Carol" aloud, with snacks.
5. Saw Frozen and Hobbit II at the theater.
6. Viajé a México.
7. Making, baking and eating Christmas cookies.
8. Morning breakfasts at Abuela's.
9. Shopping trips to the Highway Market. Lots of bright souvenirs.
10. A few sunny days, but mostly rain.

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