Digital Scrapbook Pocket Pages: June 2020

Catching up on sharing my digital pocket pages for June of this year. I got a new iPad over the summer and it's really revolutionized my scrapping process. As in I actually make digital scrapbook layouts now. While I have always loved making digital pages, it's been a struggle to do yet another thing on my computer. Once I'm done with work for the day, I don't really like to go back and sit at my computer, even if it's for something really fun. This is one of the reasons I picked up paper scrapbooking again. At the end of the day I'm not tired of scrapbooking, but I am tired of my computer. Since the iPad has a touch screen and I can sit with it on the couch, I find that it's considerably different than working on my computer. The iPad definitely has some limitations, but I find I can more or less work around those, and it's been great to really enjoy making digital layouts again.

I'm using Hooray by Sahin Designs for this spread, which is my birthday week. I love the bright colors and floral pattern in this birthday digital scrapbook collection from Elif. The perfect thing to use with photos from my own celebration.

digital scrapbook baby pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

This digital pocket spread uses the Good Life: August 2020 digital bundle. I used some of the great clusters from Jessica which make adding special spots on the layout so easy.

digital scrapbook toddler pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

This spread uses the Good Life: July 2020 digital bundle which I did actually create with our summers at the Coast in mind. Both Jessica and I included clusters in this bundle, which again makes things super easy. I don't always have the time or remember to make clusters with my kits, but I sure do like to use them when I've made them. How about you?

digital scrapbook baby pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

This final digital scrapbook spread uses the Isaac Curtis digital scrapbook kit by Rachel. I felt like the colors for this one really fit my photos for the week, which doesn't always happen. My photos are often so random from the week that I don't really try to match them with anything. But this kit felt right to use with these photos.

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook toddler pocket page

Thanks for checking these out and don't forget to let me know how you feel about using premade clusters!

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Marisa Lerin
Marisa Lerin Thu, 10/22/2020 - 06:40

I'll definietly be working on some tutorials for the iPad. I use it in combo with my regular computer, so that's not totally ideal for people who just want to use the iPad, but it you have both then you're good to go. I've been using the Photoshop app on the iPad. It doesn't have layer styles, so you can't do any shadowing. So I've been making layouts on the iPad, then adding shadows on my computer. Meagan has a lot of tutorials for the iPad if you want something right now:

Bina Greene
Bina Greene Wed, 10/21/2020 - 04:05

Fantastic spreads, Marisa, thanks for sharing.

Joy Anzalone
Joy Anzalone Tue, 10/20/2020 - 11:51

I too, would love to hear more about scrapbooking on an ipad. What app do you use? Are there any tutorials?

Robin Sampson
Robin Sampson Mon, 10/19/2020 - 07:09

Would love to hear more on how you use you iPad. I bought one and the pencil and procreate and haven't used it once.

Bourico Casper
Bourico Casper Fri, 10/16/2020 - 02:02

absolutly beautiful marisa! love this!