Eating in Amman

I've been wanting to post about the food here for a while, but I keep forgetting to take the photos I need! But during the weekend I finally remembered to take the camera out.

While the following isn't traditional Jordanian food, it's regional, coming from neighboring Lebannon. Zaatar W Zeit serves traditional Lebanese snack foods with a modern twist.

For starters, we ordered manakeesh (flat bread with different toppings). Ours was topped with zaatar (dried thyme), which is one of the usual ways it's served.



We also ordered salads, which accompany any traditional meal here. Jordan ordered a Caesar salad (not quite traditional) and mine had different greens with halloumi cheese (it's rather salty).


Finally, for the main dish we each ordered a flat bread wrap. Jordan had spicy chicken and I had bacon and cheese. Any bacon you get here will be beef since Muslims don't eat pork.


A very delicious meal!


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Erica Joy
Erica Joy Wed, 03/13/2013 - 19:12

Your food pictures are always amazing - I want to eat everything. Bring some home to me please. Thanks! *heart*

Dawn Evans
Dawn Evans Mon, 03/11/2013 - 09:58

Sounds gorgeous. The Halumi salad looks scrummy!

Tina Anderson
Tina Anderson Sun, 03/10/2013 - 16:21

looks really good. and now i'm hungry.

Lana Fischer
Lana Fischer Sun, 03/10/2013 - 03:20

Wow that food looks amazing!! I wonder what beef bacon tastes like?

Beth Bayer
Beth Bayer Sat, 03/09/2013 - 20:00

I just popped banana muffins in the oven 10 mins ago, now I see that amazing food and I can't wait eat them. I would share with you if you werer close enough. xoxox Beth

Keisha Dawson
Keisha Dawson Sat, 03/09/2013 - 19:39

That looks like an amazing meal!

Nancy Vigil
Nancy Vigil Sat, 03/09/2013 - 11:16

It looks so yummy! I wish I could eat some.

Thanks for your pictures. I love to see them.

Harriett Humphries
Harriett Humphries Sat, 03/09/2013 - 09:19

Yum! I'm glad to see a dish with zaatar in it. I was given a packet of it but haven't figured out how to use it yet. Maybe I'll try concocting a flatbread. The whole meal looks delicious. BTW you look lovely for your night out.

Jasmine Spain
Jasmine Spain Sat, 03/09/2013 - 06:58

Wow! That looks really nice! I have my best friend coming over from Switzerland tonight. Let's say I am looking forward to seeing her a lot but also to all the "goodies" she will probably bring with her lol. So we will have a Swiss/Spanish sort of dinner today. Well... when I say dinner... I mean a chocolate feast really ;) roflol.