Happy iNSD: Pin to Win Contest

EDIT: Contest closed. See winners here.


It's time for another Pin to Win contest! If you've been keeping your Pixel Scrapper wishlist on Pinterest up to date, great! If you're just getting started, that's great too! Be sure to pin the graphic below to your board and leave a link to your board in the comments. I'll be picking a winner on Tuesday.

Pin to Win

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Kate Teske
Kate Teske Sun, 05/05/2013 - 08:08

This is my first time participating in a Pin To Win so I hope I link my wishlist correctly!
ok. It looks like everyone else's so I think I did it right :)

Brandi White
Brandi White Sun, 05/05/2013 - 07:46

Here's my list - I had deleted my old one when I got everything I wanted from it, so I made a new one. ;)

Sharilynn Marie
Sharilynn Marie Sat, 05/04/2013 - 10:24

love this contest! thank you for such a fun opportunity :) http://pinterest.com/modernagemartha/pixel-scrapper-wishlist/

Keisha Dawson
Keisha Dawson Sat, 05/04/2013 - 09:50
Lou Anne Hazel
Lou Anne Hazel Fri, 05/03/2013 - 11:52

I have lots of fabulous things on my wishlist! What a fun contest.

Lórien Rezende
Lórien Rezende Fri, 05/03/2013 - 06:23

Yay, last time I found lots of great assets on others wishlist´s boards. Well, here is mine: http://pinterest.com/loriensworkshop/my-pixel-scrapper-wishlist/

Saskia Stolk
Saskia Stolk Fri, 05/03/2013 - 03:04

This is awesome!!
Here is my board: http://pinterest.com/saskiastolk/pixelscrapper-wishlist/

peggy aplSEEDS
peggy aplSEEDS Thu, 05/02/2013 - 23:17
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis Thu, 05/02/2013 - 20:25

I love this contest.....good luck everyone!!!

Cynthia Arnett
Cynthia Arnett Thu, 05/02/2013 - 19:23


Here is my link. Thank you

Tina Campanale
Tina Campanale Thu, 05/02/2013 - 16:50
Sarah MacIntosh
Sarah MacIntosh Thu, 05/02/2013 - 15:23

I fell off the wagon for a while but I'm going to go add some stuff now (because there's lots of stuff I want!) :)

Meg Bertapelle
Meg Bertapelle Thu, 05/02/2013 - 15:04

I'll go add some more stuff to it though... ;)

Jessica Nuis
Jessica Nuis Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:13

I'm just getting started but here's my wishlist at pinterest


Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Thu, 05/02/2013 - 09:57

I was keeping up with my list for a while then I stopped haha so here it is in its rebuilt glory. http://pinterest.com/pezian1984/pixel-scrapper-wishlist/