Hybrid Project: Scraps Book 2018

Today I'm sharing my scraps book from 2018. As the title implies, this is just a random collection of pages that I made. I consider my yearly pocket style photo book to be my "official" documenting process, so all these hybrid projects I do are done entirely for fun and frankly not even necessarily to be saved in the long-term. They may fall apart, or fade, or I may get tired of lugging them around. But it was very freeing when I realized I didn't have to keep everything I made. I can make it, and keep it, or not! It's up to me.

In other news, the layouts in this book where the first physical layouts I had made in probably ten years. Unsurprisingly they look pretty different from what I last made. This project was significantly inspired by Suse Fish and her scrap therapy books. Her focus on just doing whatever felt right, for no real reason really resonated with me. There are lots of techniques and styles I'd like to try out, but I was struggling to find a "reason" to make something. So the reason simply being "because I want to" was awesome!

And while this reason covers all of my hybrid projects, my digital photo book isn't exactly a chore either. While it is a bit more orderly, both in how it's presented and in how I go about making it, I definitely enjoy the process and love the finished product as well. The processes for both these styles of projects appeal to me. Two halves make a whole I guess!

I have about 1 million projects lined up for 2019, but I do hope to continue with this scraps book project for this year as well.

See all the photos here.








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Julie Stiltner
Julie Stiltner Sat, 01/12/2019 - 17:50

These are so cute and cool! I design for people who scrap book but don't actually do it myself. This is actually the first time I looked at them and they are really cool. Now I wish I had time to do this as well!

Helen Barth
Helen Barth Fri, 01/11/2019 - 12:52

Thank you for sharing