My Current Memory Keeping Process

I am not casually interested in scrapbooking. It is a probably not a surprise to you, that I the founder of a digital scrapbooking website, might engage in a few scrapbooking activities. However, you may not be quite ready for all the ones I have ongoing right now. Most of the projects that follow are ongoing, long term projects that I've been doing for years. And I've certainly mentioned them all before, but not in one place.

Digital Pocket Scrapbooking
I consider my yearly digital pocket scrapbook album to be my "main" memory keeping project. I document all our random photos every week in a spread and include a very minimal amount of journaling. I've been doing this for years, so the habit of every Saturday collecting my photos and adding them to my preferred pocket template is pretty ingrained at this point. A change for me recently was acquiring an iPad which is what I use now to decorate my pocket pages. You can read all about my process here.

layout digital pocket scrapbooking layout

Hybrid Travelers Notebook & Junk Journals
My travelers notebook and junk journals I consider to be in my "disposable" memory keeping category. For a while I had a hard time doing things with paper because it feels so temporary after working in digital. Eventually I realized since I already keep my digital pocket book, the things I make with paper don't really need to stand the test of time. If they do, great, if not I have other projects. These paper crafts are really more about the process for me and less about the memory keeping. This was an important distinction for me to realize and really freed me up to do what I wanted with the papers. You can read all about my process for travelers notebooks here and junk journals here.

hybrid travelers notebook page
junk journal

Digital Line a Day Journal
As I mentioned before, I have certain issues with things done on paper and feeling like they won't last. I wanted to keep one of those line a day journals for quite a while, but I could not get over the paper journal being both a pain to carry around and my fear that I'd lose it or something. Eventually I got wise and created a spreadsheet where I could jot down a short description of the day. I've been doing it for three years now and I couldn't be happier with my boring but practical spreadsheet. It's really fun to look back a couple years and see what was happening. You can read more, and download, the spreadsheet here.


Writing Haikus
This is the most recent addition to my memory keeping process. I've long lamented my terrible journaling skills. And especially since my children were born I've struggled to capture moments in what feels like a meaningful and sensory way. My journaling is quite limited, photos are better, but recently I started capturing specific moments in haikus and I'm amazed at how rereading them can really take me back to a very specific moment. I'm not sure they'll be interesting to anyone else, but I do really treasure the ones I've written. All you need to do for a haiku is write three lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. And you can totally cheat is you want. The structure helps me as I don't "know" how to write a poem, but I can count. Since I'm a concise person, the haiku is perfect for me because I really don't want that many words anyway.

marisa's haiku

I really wanted to include this part of my memory keeping list here because it's not a common one shared in the scrapbooking community, but I've really loved it. Do you have any usual memory keeping practices? Please share below!

My Current Memory Keeping Process

Recent Comments

Melissa Cobb
Melissa Cobb Tue, 02/23/2021 - 17:51

Love these. Thanks for sharing!

Peggy Baden
Peggy Baden Sat, 02/20/2021 - 07:53

JJ are my passion. I "discovered" the craft in 2017 and haven't looked back. This website was recommended in a You Tube by Purple Poppy last week. I am so happy I joined! Until I found this blog I really wasn't sure what to do with all of these beautiful and inspired graphics. NOW I DO!!!! I prefer paper over digital storage, hoping the books will last for my children and grandchildren to explore in the future. I like the tactile part of adding doodads and pictures to my pages. Currently I keep three separate journals: Garden, Daily and Chickens. I now plan to incorporate Haiku into my pages on occasion and I'm learning to create a more structured page to add as pockets and inserts. Loving using my computer, printer and paper to keep my memories in order.

Beatrice Loren
Beatrice Loren Sat, 02/20/2021 - 04:52

Thanks for sharing your process

Audrée Adam
Audrée Adam Fri, 02/19/2021 - 22:21

The Digital Journal is such a good idea! With kids, I used to write every funny sentence and do a book with pictures, souvenirs and these sentences. That's a great souvenir.... I might just do a digital one to be able to make it professionally printed in order to keep it for a long time.... Yay, a new project! :) especially now that my camera is broken and I don't wanna put 2000$ on a new one or have a point-and-shoot.... anyway, I'm telling my whole life now.

Kelly Wardlow
Kelly Wardlow Fri, 02/19/2021 - 06:57

This is awesome. I love the sneak peak into people's reasoning and processes they've developed. I pocket scrapbook too and I've been doing it for 6 years and it is the one thing I can consistently do. I then fade in and out of making regular digital papers, monthly review pages and books for special trips or a specific one for one of the kids. I can't keep doing any of those regularly. I write journaling about the week as a whole and just do it write in photoshop since I'm on it at least once a week. Otherwise I look through my google pictures to try and remember what we did. I randomly take pictures of even the small things we do even if I often have lots of pictures we don't use. I'm really interested in your line a day writing... and now I'm going to look up Memory Dex cards, I've never heard of that. Thanks ladies.

Becky Wooler
Becky Wooler Fri, 02/19/2021 - 06:56

The haiku is such a fun idea! I really like the line a day idea, because sometimes when I fall behind on my weekly pages, the details blur together.

Debbie Wallbank
Debbie Wallbank Thu, 02/18/2021 - 12:55

Thanks for sharing this Marisa. I dip in and out of several different memory keeping projects too. I have been wanting to get a clearer direction for my different processes. You have inspired me to do that for myself. Thanks.

Jeanne Pf
Jeanne Pf Thu, 02/18/2021 - 10:38

This is great! Thanks so much for sharing! So many fun ideas and organization tips :)

Marisa Lerin
Marisa Lerin Thu, 02/18/2021 - 07:25

@Robin: I got a Memory Dex for Christmas but was missing a few key pieces. My sister is coming tomorrow with those, and I can't wait to start!

Robin Sampson
Robin Sampson Thu, 02/18/2021 - 07:19

Terrific projects. Waiting to see you jump in the Memory Dex Card world. There is no turning back. :)

Bourico Casper
Bourico Casper Thu, 02/18/2021 - 05:38

It's very beautiful works Marisa!

Cynthia Cornelissens
Cynthia Cornelissens Thu, 02/18/2021 - 02:50

Thanks for sharing! I must say that i really like the idea of documenting a line a day as well as the week journal. Love the haiku as well, but you did give me an idea how to keep better track of those little things/pictures. It might very well be something i will start doing in the future as well. So thank you !

Kat Kipreou
Kat Kipreou Thu, 02/18/2021 - 02:12

I find this so interesting, Marisa! I too have a lot of different processes I use or dip in and out of for memory keeping, but certainly not in as organised a way as you are describing. The haikus are a very neat little thing! Thank you for sharing!