New Relic

Every once in a while we like to post a little something about the technologies and services that help make Pixel Scrapper possible. Today I'd like to give a big shout out to an application called New Relic.

For any of you who operate websites, you've probably wondered at times exactly how long it takes your website to load for your users all around the world. Of course, you know how fast (or slowly) your website tends to load for you, but what about your average user? What about your user in Brazil?

New Relic shows you how long it takes your site to load for various users all over the world, and for every major browser. Not only that, but it supplies a ton of key data that helps you see exactly what's slowing your site down. It's been a huge help at Pixel Scrapper as we've worked to make our site load faster over the last few weeks.

Anyway, if you have a website, and a decent bit of tech experience, check out New Relic. They've got an awesome free forever plan, so it won't cost you a dime.

P.S. That's not an affiliate link, or anything: we've just been happy with their product.

New Relic graph