Quick Feedly Tip: Direct Pinning

If you use a reader for blogs, you're probably well aware that Google Reader is closing soon, which caused a big flurry of action for everyone who was using it. I've pretty comfortably switched to using Feedly. And I just noticed a new feature, which I'm not sure is actually new, or if I was just snoozing. But I thought I'd point it out in case your in the same boat as me.

I do a lot a pinning from my blog reading, and so I would always have to open the blog post in a new tab and then save whatever I wanted. Pinning directly from the reader always resulted in confused links back. However, I've now noticed that there's a little pin button that appears on top of all the images in my Feedly. Using this creates a clean link back to the post. It makes for much easier pinning!

Pin Button

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Sandi Terry
Sandi Terry Mon, 05/27/2013 - 15:30

Thanks for the tip!! I'll miss my Google Reader! :(