Traveling Around Jordan: Um Qays

A few weeks ago we visited one of my favorite places in Jordan. Um Qays is the site of old Roman ruins, and in the spring time it is filled with wild flowers. From the site you can see the Sea of Galilee, as well as Syria and Israel.

Um Qays Map













We always have a delicious lunch overlooking the view.

Spring Fields Bundle

My visits to Um Qays inspired the Spring Fields Bundle.

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Pichi Sockenbart
Pichi Sockenbart Mon, 07/06/2015 - 01:47

amazing photos :)

Shaival Designs
Shaival Designs Thu, 05/30/2013 - 12:04


Lisette Verhoeven
Lisette Verhoeven Thu, 04/18/2013 - 07:25

Graet photos! Beautiful place I would love to visit!

peggy aplSEEDS
peggy aplSEEDS Wed, 04/17/2013 - 23:40

such wonderful photos. Marisa! this looks like a place i would love to visit!

Jessica Alexandra
Jessica Alexandra Wed, 04/17/2013 - 07:07

Beautiful photos!

Betsy Niederer
Betsy Niederer Wed, 04/17/2013 - 05:32

It looks like you had a very fun day! Beautiful photos too :-) You are so lucky to live in an area with so much history!!

Lana Fischer
Lana Fischer Wed, 04/17/2013 - 02:24

Beautiful photos and love the wildflowers. I need to practice that tilt of the camera technique..just love that!

Beth Bayer
Beth Bayer Tue, 04/16/2013 - 20:29

Absolutely lovely flowers. Looks like a beautiful place to be. xoxox Beth

Lizanne Killian
Lizanne Killian Tue, 04/16/2013 - 17:44

What pretty pictures - thanks for sharing! =) I especially love that window picture, the poppy picture, Jordan pretending he's a column (hee-hee) & the one of you sitting on a rocky ledge... Could you tell me what the last flower is? I've never seen that flower before & it's exquisite...

Shelly Roy
Shelly Roy Tue, 04/16/2013 - 09:46

This is beautiful~! I really enjoy seeing your photos. Wonderful to be able to see this place.

Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis Tue, 04/16/2013 - 07:05

I love the photo with red poppies in the foreground and the ruins in the distance. Thanks for sharing your travels with those of us that don't get to go places afar!

Michelle Hansen
Michelle Hansen Tue, 04/16/2013 - 05:35

Looks great, and so does the new kit.