Watch Me Digital Scrapbook: Week 32 2019

In this process video I decorate my weekly pocket spread in Photoshop using the Beautiful Life Bundle.


A quick tip. After years of playing things fast and loose, I now keep a lower opacity layer on my layout, usually hidden, that I can turn on to check my margins for when I get the layout printed. This takes the guesswork out of wondering how close to the edge I can put stuff, and also allows me to take a quick look to see how things might get cropped when the book is printed.

layout layout

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Catherine Giaferi
Catherine Giaferi Mon, 01/13/2020 - 05:12

¨Magnifique kit, comme toujours . Merci beaucoup et Belle et Douce Année à pour vous et votre famille

Bourico Casper
Bourico Casper Mon, 01/13/2020 - 01:48

it's so beautiful Marisa !