New Kits: Quick Page Fun

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 04/20/2015 - 08:00

I've been working through my layouts and slowly adding some quick pages to the site. We're starting to have a pretty good collection of quick pages now, you can see them all here.

Quick Pages

I've never used quick pages much myself, so I'm curious how people use them, and what your preferences are. Do you prefer a more simple quick page so you can add your own touch? Or do you prefer a complex look so that the end product is both quick and impressive?

Quick Pages

Would you enjoy working with a layered quick page, so you can move items around, or are quick pages mostly about being quick as the name implies?

Quick Pages

Do you prefer a collection of coordinating quick pages to create a finished matching project? Or do you like to indulge your random side? And if you do like a collection, what sort of themes are you looking for and how many quick pages should be included?

Quick Pages

And how about clusters, ie elements already grouped for you so you can just stick them on the page?

Quick Pages

So many questions! So many quick pages!

Quick Pages

My Current Photo Process

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 04/17/2015 - 04:23

In response to some comments on my March 2015 Photos post I thought I'd share a little about my current photo process. It's changed a bit since I upgraded my phone, and I'm settling into a new routine.

2015-03-12 18.05.34.jpg

I'm really quite keen on using my phone as my main camera for several reasons. One, I always have it with me and as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. Two, it's super easy to do post-processing on the phone, on the go and photo-by-photo. Having to get photos off my camera onto my computer, import them into Lightroom, do whatever I need to in there and then export to whatever place I need the final photo now seems like simply too much work, unless I know I'll be shooting a lot of photos for a special event or trip. For daily photography it doesn't get much better than your camera phone. That's my two cents.

2015-03-12 06.48.41 3

I have a Moto G, which is by no means a top of the line phone, but is still a drastic upgrade from my previous phone and I'm quite happy with it. But I honestly believe that regardless of your camera specs you can take great photos. You may not be able to print them out poster size, but for general use one point and shoot is going to be pretty similar to the next point and shoot. And depending on circumstances I can even take photos to rival our more fancy camera. Your know-how is going to affect your photos a lot more than your camera.

2015-02-21 17.17.44.jpg

I generally aim to take at least one photo a day. I don't always reach this goal, but I reach it often enough and some days I take more, so in the end it evens out. If you have Dropbox installed on your phone I believe it will automatically sync your photos from your phone gallery to your Dropbox account, which you can then access from the web or your computer if you have Dropbox installed. This works fantastically for me if I'm taking a photo I want to use immediately in a blog post, since the photo will just magically show up on my computer without my need to wrestle with cords, etc. If I have to use a cord then I feel that I'm being seriously inconvenienced. I need the magic of wireless. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is, and the cord will totally keep me from finishing a project.

2015-04-02 09.08.50 1.jpg

Of course, I do usually prefer to do a little editing to my photo before sharing. My go-to editing program is VSCO Cam. The main thing to realize with VSCO is that you need to import a photo before editing, it won't just pull in your photos automatically. You can pull in one at a time within the app, or if you're browsing in your phone gallery you can just select all the ones you want and then import into VSCO.

2015-03-25 05.55.04 1.jpg

VSCO has several free filters that you can apply to you photos. They also sell filter collections, which I've considered purchasing, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed with all the free options and pretty content. But it's nice to know if I get bored, I can spice things up a little. You can decrease the strength of the filter once you've applied it, which I generally take advantage of. I rarely leave the filter at full volume.

2015-03-18 03.06.21 1.jpg

VSCO also has tons of settings for creating your own photo effect. There are so many, it's a bit overwhelming, but I will often up the brightness on my photo a notch or two before applying a filter. Another great feature of VSCO is that you can apply the same filter to multiple photos. This is great if you're working on a series of photos and want them all to be the same.

2015-03-16 06.27.31 1.jpg

Once you're done editing in VSCO you'll need to export your photos, like you would in Lightroom. You can export direct to Instagram if you want to share, or you can export to Dropbox so they show up magically everywhere.

VSCO has it's own social aspect which I don't use at all. I use Instagram for all my social photo needs. I love Instagram. I have 100% abandoned Facebook in favor of Instagram. It's much less overwhelming and cute cats.

2015-03-18 03.06.25 2.jpg

At the end of the month I'll collect all my photos from my Dropbox folder and sort them into folders on my computer, and upload photos to Flickr. I'm still roughly using this old system I shared.

So basically:

  1. Take a photo.
  2. Import and edit in VSCO Cam.
  3. Share to Instagram (optional).
  4. Export from VSCO Cam to Dropbox.
  5. End of the month photo organizing and upload to Flickr.
  6. Your beautiful life captured.

That was a pretty fast and loose post. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have a favorite photo app. I'm always looking for something new.

2015-03-26 05.00.52 2.jpg