June 2015 in Photos

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 07/08/2015 - 07:55

June was one of those months were I did a bit more than I usually do. To begin I turned 30. My family visited Oregon, so we did our best to show it off. Then, Jordan's brother got married near Baltimore, and both Jordan and I were in the wedding. If I didn't have the pictures to prove it, I probably wouldn't believe I did all this stuff!

2015-06-04 15.27.10
▲ Birthday tea.

2015-06-02 03.56.07 2.jpg
▲ Family

2015-06-06 06.59.47 1.jpg

2015-06-09 12.11.05 1.jpg
▲ Driving up the coast with my parents.

2015-06-11 12.45.57 1.jpg
▲ Still had time to do a little crafting?

▲ And visited the Oregon Garden.

2015-06-17 09.53.44 1.jpg
▲ Away we go again!

2015-06-19 07.26.02 1.jpg
▲ Baltimore

2015-06-19 07.26.39 2.jpg
▲ Watching a baseball game in DC.

2015-06-27 08.58.37 1.jpg
▲ Taking a tour of the Capitol building.

▲ Wedding fun. (photo by Diana Magnuson)

A Few Favorites from the Commons

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 07/03/2015 - 07:00

A couple months ago we introduced a new feature for our community members to share their own designs. The Commons is currently in a limited testing phase, but that doesn't mean there's limited enjoyment to be found! I thought I'd go ahead and share a few of my favorites.

Work From Home Papers Work From Home Elements

▲ This Work From Home Bundle from Amanda is really lovely. I love the softer colors and the glasses element is so cute!

Happy Birthday Alpha

▲ This Happy Birthday Alpha from Pauline is festive and fun. I love the wavy, rainbow lines.


▲ And don't miss all the wonderful individual graphics! Aren't those owls so cute?