What I've Learned About Making Bouquets

By Marisa Lerin Tue, 09/16/2014 - 16:32

Lately I've been considering this blog and trying to determine what its purpose is, if it has a purpose, should it have a purpose, etc. Currently I'm leaning towards "obvious observations." Today I'm going to share the wisdom I've picked up this summer about making flower bouquets.

#1. If you have a garden, you can bring those flowers inside.

Taking advantage of the late summer blooms #flowers

#2. Put flowers into the vase one at a time. I use to struggle with getting flowers to look fine in a vase, then this summer I stumbled upon this wisdom and I'm wondering why no one mentioned it to me before. Often it seems like flower arranging is tricky, and if you want fancy, it probably is. But if you just put one thing in the vase at a time, you can notice when it starts to look weird. Then you can fix it.

2014-08-29 18.20.25.jpg

#3. Use glass jars as vases. I moved into a grandma's house, therefore there were about 100 million vases. I have rudely ignored every single one of these in favor of using glass jars that I've taken the labels off of. You can use vases if you want, but I find glass jars extra useful if I want to bring a bouquet to a friend. Then when you arrive, there's no flurry of activity looking for a vase and trying to arrange the flowers, when really she'd rather be getting dinner ready. It's ready to go. Also, I like the smaller mouths that most jars have. It creates a tighter bouquet.

Fresh flowers and evening light #beautifullyordinary

#4. If you're bringing flowers inside, probably you're bringing bugs too. I don't mind this too much, but I try to remember to take a closer look before bringing flowers (and the hanging-on spiders) to friends. I'm sure they have enough spiders already.

Evening #stilllife

#5. Flowers have the magic ability to make everything 5000 times nicer. As I mentioned, moving into a grandma's house leaves a little to be desired in regards to furniture choices. I can change a lot of small things, but we're more or less stuck with the furniture, at least for now. But once I started bringing flowers inside, that's all I could see. I no longer noticed all the weird colors in the furniture. Just my lovely flowers with the afternoon light. Total magic.

Success! #flowers

New Bundle: Bolivia

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/15/2014 - 09:42

This week my new bundle is very loosely inspired by Bolivia. Bolivia was the first foreign country I moved to, when I was 12, and I lived there for four years. I have hopes of making a few layouts, but first I need to scan in my old scrapbook.


This bundle is only very losely inspired by Bolivia, since my Mexico bundle is still pretty fresh in my mind, and there's a lot of overlap.
Instead, this is my fall bundle for you!

Bolivia Bundle

CT Layout
▲ By Emily

CT Layout
▲ By Judy

CT Layout
▲ By Nadia

CT Layout CT Layout
▲ By Tina and Julie