February 2015 Blog Train

By Marisa Lerin Sun, 02/01/2015 - 00:05

Shaking things up a little this month with something a little more versatile. The Rustic Charms are all PNGs, some with clear spaces where you can stick whatever you want. If you're a little more advanced, don't miss out on the template kit which includes PSD versions for easier manipulation (available for free on Facebook). As usual, don't miss out on all the other wonderful contributions!

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Rustic Charms Kit

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Rustic Charms Templates

Let's Fill Each Other's Buckets

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 01/30/2015 - 08:20

I've been reading The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry, which I'm about half way through, so I can recommend that part. I came across this quote and I wanted to share it here:

But there are other people who derive their energy from filling other people's buckets. They love the thrill of seeing other people come alive, of collaborating, of giving away their ideas and subsequently the credit they deserve. They recognize that more ideas will always come, but investing in relationships and maintaining an ethic of generosity yields results we can't gain when we hold tightly and selfishly to what we think we deserve. These are the people others flock to and who invigorate an entire room with their creative energy. They thrive because they make it their mission to help others to thrive...these people are the meaning makers, and in my experience they eventually come out on top because everyone wants to work with, and for, them.

When we obsess over getting our own buckets filled, we not only find ourselves disappointed with the results, we also regularly disappoint everyone around us. Our best creative work comes from a mind-set of abundance and generosity rather than one of scarcity. When we clamor for credit and fight over resources we perceive to be scarce, it infiltrates every area of our life and work.

--From The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

This is exactly what I hope we are and will be all about at Pixel Scrapper, and since it's not an easy or often natural way to live, I know I can always use a reminder.

People find Pixel Scrapper because we have lots of free stuff, but they stay because they find a community that has embraced this idea of filling each other's buckets rather than our own.

Good job everyone! Let's keep it up.

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