My Deep, Dark Secret

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 07/31/2014 - 14:38

Like most people, I got my scrapbooking start in the real world with paper. And I went through a lot of paper. I made quite a few albums before I stumbled on digital scrapbooking. Having come quite far into this new version of the hobby, I've been harboring what I've considered a deep-dark secret: a somewhat extreme resentment of my paper albums.

My paper albums are pretty much the largest thing I own. Taken together as one thing, I am incapable of moving them myself, and also I'm at a loss of where to store them. They are currently sitting in the middle of an extra room. Just sitting there like giant, terrible lurkers, waiting to assault me with their hugeness every time I open the door.

2014-07-31 08.28.02
▲ What is that lurking with all the other cast-offs under a pile of blankets?

Not only are they huge and unmanageable, but frankly at this point in my scrapbooking journey they are quite childish. There is nothing enjoyable for me in looking at them. They are too big to sit on my lap comfortably and they are too ugly for me to want to find some other solution. Now they are simply a reminder of my deep-dark past as a paper user. A giant, lurking reminder.

▲ Even if you actually had muscles, you wouldn't be able to move that box.

I've slowly been working on scanning all the pages. In some cases, those pages are the only copies of photos I have, so they have some pretty important information. And as the scanning has slowly progressed, my attachment to them has been lifting. At first it was painful to admit that I had spent hours working on something I no longer wanted. And the guilt of that time made me keep holding on. But, as I've started to create digital copies, I've been feeling more free to finally remove them.

At first, I was considering just dumping them in the recycling, which despite any freeing progress I had made, always seemed to be dramatic and sad. But then it slowly occurred to me that I could remake them. My fingers have been itching to make some real, paper mini albums (a concept I was never aware of when I was doing paper), and here I have hundreds of photos just waiting to be used again.

In probably the most prophetic moment of my life so far, a long while back, a friend's mom, who was very familiar with my scrapbooking habit, told me that someday I'd be remake all my scrapbooks. I remember clearly thinking how wrong she was, and how I was making these to be enjoyed by myself forever and ever. Shows what you know as an eighteen year-old.

The more time I spend creating, the more I realize my true love is for the process of creation. And while the end product is important, it's not the only thing to be cherished. In fact, the terrible lurkers had lulled me into a paralyzed state where I was completely terrified to make anything new because of the implications of having to keep it forever and ever. But now I've realized the fun part is making it, then enjoying it as long as I want to, then finding something new to do with it. The fun is in the journey after all.

Am I alone in my (no longer) closet resentment of giant, paper albums? Do you hang on to everything you've created?

New Bundle: Cruising

By Marisa Lerin Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:24

I missed posting yesterday as we had a friend in town and we gave her a tour of Oregon. Hopefully I can share some photos soon. But now that means I'm playing catch up!

I'm pretty excited about my new bundle. If you were around in the spring, you know I experienced some creative angst, which was centered around my inability to create an ocean/nautical bundle to my liking. Many months later, I think I've finally done it. Despite the fact that the palette only has colors I don't like, they some how come together to create something I do like. And I hope you like it too.

Cruising Bundle

I saw some pocket cards somewhere that had text over actual photos, and I loved them. I've been busy making my own versions, and I have a couple of my first efforts in this kit. I'm sure you'll be seeing more in the future.

Cruising Journal Cards

Here's some lovely inspiration from the Creative Team:

Crusing Layout
▲ By Me

Cruising Layout
▲ By Julie

Cruising Layout
▲ By Kate Elouise

Cruising Layout
▲ By Emily

Cruising Layout
▲ By Amara

Cruising Layout
▲ By Tiffany

Cruising Layout
▲ By Tina

Also, the Cheer Team has some cute freebies for you. And don't miss this tutorial about making digital bunting.

Quick Page Freebie Frame Freebie