Thanksgiving in Memphis

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 12/08/2014 - 08:44

It's a busy holiday season for me! Jordan and I just got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Memphis and now we're jumping right in to preparing for his family to arrive for Christmas at the end of the week! Just a little time now to finish up Christmas shopping, do a little cleaning and try not to feel like a crazy person!

Before I get too carried away with the Christmas spirit, I thought I'd share a few photos from our trip to Memphis. If you've been following along on this blog for a while, you may know that the last time I saw my parents was in Mexico for Christmas last year. But over the summer they relocated to Memphis, Tennessee and this was our first time to visit.

A new day with a new view #sautersinmemphis

We did a few touristy things:

▲ Beale Street all lit up.

▲ The famous ducks at the Peabody Hotel. One is giving me a nibble in this photo.

▲ The neighborhood my parents live in is walking distance to the zoo, so I tried to go every day.

2014-11-20 12.04.17.jpg

2014-11-20 13.05.41.jpg

Relaxed dinner time #pandalove

And we had some great family time, enjoying both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

▲ My mom and I cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time together.

▲ My cousins and Jordan's brother also live nearby. It's like we're a Memphis family!

2014-11-28 15.36.47.jpg
▲ Keeping tabs on you all while on the road! :)


Have a Koi Pond In Your House

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 12/05/2014 - 07:36


The little things in life can make a big difference. For me there are few things more relaxing than watching koi fish swim around. Unfortunately, there were no koi fish living near me. But it doesn't matter. One of the greatest things that Jordan has introduced me to is this Koi Fish screensaver from 3Planesoft.


I will not admit to you how much time I sit around watching it, but I will tell you that I feel very calm and relaxed after. For me, the screensaver is not only mesmerizing because of the calm movements of the fish, but in how life-like everything appears. I really feel like we have koi pond in our house whenever it comes on.

While the Koi Fish are most certainly my favorite, we enjoy other screensavers from 3Planesoft as well. A holiday favorite is the fireplace. We totally used to watch the "fireplace" channel on Christmas, and this brings back those fond memories and also helps you imagine that you are warm.


Really, whatever sort of mood you're in, they probably have a screensaver for that. Feeling adventurous? Want to take trip? Get away from it all?

We've been enjoying the Koi Fish for a while, and we wanted to share the joy with you! Let me know in the comments below what screensaver you'd like best in your house. We'll pick three winners from the comments below to receive whichever screensaver they choose (Koi Fish highly recommended :) ).

Full Disclosure: as usual, there are no affiliate links here, and Pixel Scrapper is not affiliated with 3PlaneSoft in any way. We have purchased the Koi Fish screensaver for ourselves at full price, and think it's great :) . The free copies for winners are being provided courtesy of 3PlaneSoft, and they also provided us with some additional screensavers for review.