New Designer: Violet Irisovna

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 01/07/2015 - 08:19

Exciting news today! I'm pleased to welcome a new designer to the Pixel Scrapper team. If you've followed along with our blog trains in the past, I'm sure you've seen Violet's lovely designs, and I'm really happy to have her here at Pixel Scrapper. Violet herself is a pocket scrapper, so her designs are focused on documenting daily life.

I'll let her introduce herself:

Hi everyone, I'm Violet Irisovna (design name: Scrumptiously) and I am thrilled to be joining the incredible Pixel Scrapper design team! I'm a California girl, currently balancing graduate school, work as a disability and youth advocate, designing, and of course my own memory keeping wherever I can squeeze in the time.


I came to Pixel Scrapper and digital scrapbooking through a somewhat unusual route. For the past decade I've been dealing with a serious chronic illness. Back in 2010, after a year of being bed-ridden, I heard about something called "Project Life," where you took a picture every day and put it in an album with some journaling. I decided to try it out to prove to myself that I still existed, still interacted with and had impact on the world around me. It was an incredible, transformative experience, and led to a new identity as a "Documentarian" - I'm now the person among my family and friends who has her camera phone always at the ready, documenting the moments of our lives, large and small. I'm sure a lot of you can identify with that!


The next year I wanted to ditch the bulky Project Life album so I decided to try documenting my year digitally and printing it as a photo book instead. Of course, that's also the year I started graduate school, so while I did manage to finish and print my book for 2011, I have now joined the ranks of those with an ever-growing backlog of photos and stories to choose from whenever I have time to make a page. I'm sure a lot of you can identify with that as well!


Since that first foray I have come to love digital scrapbooking, not only the beauty and ease (and nonexistent "clean up") of the craft, but also the incredible talent, generosity, and caring spirit of the community. I was already a fan of Marisa and Pixel Scrapper when she and Jordan started up their new site and as soon as I engaged with the community here I knew I had found my digiscrap home. I made my first designs to share with others for the February 2013 Retro Kitchen blog train, and fell instantly and passionately in love with digital design. Through lots of practice and exploration, and after a ton of awesome support, tutorials, and motivating challenges from Marisa, Pixel Scrapper and the generous internet at large, I now find myself with this exciting opportunity to keep making wonderful things for the community I adore.


Project Life, pocket scrapping, photo-a-day and daily life projects are still my dearest love when it comes to digital scrapbooking. Like many of you, I'm a journal-card junkie (I just can't resist 'em!), and I just keep on making more. My design focus at Pixel Scrapper is going to be Pocket Scrapping, and with that in mind I'm launching an overall design project called Documentarian. Documentarian is all about supporting and connecting people with tools they can use to document their lives, from the everyday to the extraordinary. If you're a pocket scrapper, curious about trying out a pocket project, or perhaps a journal card hoarder like me, you'll find plenty here to fill your pockets. If you're a traditional scrapbooker, Documentarian collections will have a ton of fun stuff for you to play with as well. So keep your eyes peeled for monthly Documentarian releases - the first is this month's collection Bright Days - and I look forward to much more documenting together, here at our most wonderful online home!


I'm so excited to have Violet here, both for her lovely designs and all the great ideas she has for helping all of us with our memory projects. Be sure to check out her blog for a freebie and also stay tuned for other fun and exciting announcements coming soon!

Without more ado, here's Violet's first bundle and some lovely layouts from her creative team to get you thinking!

Violet's First Bundle!


scrumptiously_bright_paddycover1 web

scrumptiously_bright_paddy1 scarf

scrumptiously_bright_paddy3 janbt web


scrumptiously_bright_paddy2 food webmath

Welcome aboard Violet!

My Favorite Things: 2014

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 01/05/2015 - 13:48

Do you love lists? I love lists. Please share your 2014 lists below in the comments. Also, disclaimer, just because I put some of these things next to each other does not mean I think they're equally good. The only criteria is that they are a favorite (for some reason) from this year.


  • Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor (I've been reading lots of memoirs lately and this was my favorite from the year.)
  • This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett (The essay she writes about her dog was perfect.)
  • All Things Bright & Beautiful by James Herriot (How I hadn't heard of these lovely books before I don't know. A wonderful capture of a moment in time.)
  • The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay (A compelling story.)
  • Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear (Maisie is a weird character, but I read 10 books about her, so she's got something going on.)
  • When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift (Recommended to me here in the comments of the blog. A great example of the beauty of daily life.)


  • Guardians of the Galaxy (I thought this was going to be stupid, it wasn't. Or maybe it was and I just didn't care.)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson is the only director from whom I sit around a wait for a new movie to be made.)
  • Her (Interesting story and weirdly compelling costumes.)
  • 22 Jump Street (In our house we call Channing Tatum 'Shandy Tandy'. Somehow this makes watching all his movies better.)
  • The Lego Movie (Because Batman.)

TV Shows

  • The Mindy Project
  • New Girl
  • Elementary
  • Doctor Who
  • Silver Spoon
  • Mushishi


I hadn't really listened to podcasts before this year, and they are quickly becoming a favorite. I tend towards the ones that have a "memoir" feel, where hosts share what's going in their lives and get their guests to share interesting stories from life.


Please leave your recommendations below. I'm already on the hunt for this year's favorite things!