Gallery Spotlight: May 2015

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 05/27/2015 - 07:03

As always, it's been an amazing month in the Pixel Scrapper gallery. Did you see these amazing layouts?

By Marina
▲ By Marina

By Molly By Tonje
▲ By Molly & Tonje

By Megan
▲ By Megan

By Barbara By Emily
▲ By Barbara & Emily

By Beatrice
▲ By Beatrice

By Heidi By Tina
▲ By Heidi & Tina

By Amanda
▲ By Amanda

By Fem KE By Lisa Marie
▲ By Fem Ke & Lisa Marie

By Catherine
▲ By Catherine

By Nina By Marina
▲ By Nina & Marina

By Katja
▲ By Katja

By Maia By Bina
▲ By Maia & Bina

By Elif
▲ By Elif

New Bundle: The States

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 05/25/2015 - 08:00

I don't know if you have any summer travel plans, but I plan to venture out a little, a least around Oregon. And if you're traveling stateside, this bundle may be of some use to you! It coordinates with my earlier World Traveler bundle, so if you're looking for something that does not have a state on it, you should check that out.

The States Bundle

And don't miss this kit, which is my first attempt at making custom shapes for Photoshop. It also includes PNG versions, if you prefer that.

Custom Shape States

I can't wait to see all the fun pages you make with these shapes. Here's a little inspiration to get you started:

By Amanda
▲ By Amanda

By Melanie
▲ By Melanie

By Krissy
▲ By Krissy

By Brenda
▲ By Brenda

By Emily
▲ By Emily

By Melanie
▲ By Melanie