Feeling Official - Fancy Business Cards

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 10/10/2014 - 11:27

A few weeks ago I was helping my mom design a business card for her new business when it occurred to me that I should really have a business card of my own. People are always curious when they find out that I run a website, and it was pretty lame that I never had a card to give them. But that problem has been solved.

2014-10-10 11.08

I had seen a printing site called Moo around a bit in my internet wanderings, and I had kept it in the back of my mind as a place that looked like it would make cool business cards. So when I finally determined to get some, I thought I'd give it a go.

2014-10-10 11.10

The reason Moo stuck out to me (besides being called Moo) is that they let you print a different image on every card. And when you deal with a lot of images, this a pretty cool feature. Also, they have a square card which is great for serious Instagrammers I suppose, but also ideal for digital scrapbookers!

2014-10-10 11.17.02edit

No longer will people look at me with a confused stare when I tell them I digital scrapbook! The proof is in the pudding. (I think that expression makes sense here, I'm not really clear what it means, but I think it sounds good.)

2014-10-10 11.10edit

The only problem is that they are really cute and I don't want to give them away. If you're interested in getting some business cards for yourself, use my referral link! It will give me a little something for when I run out of business cards, and it will also get you 10% off your purchase.

2014-10-10 11.09

Around Oregon: Wildlife Safari

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 10/08/2014 - 10:51

A few weeks ago Jordan and I visited the Wildlife Safari Park about two hours down the highway from us. We had bought a Groupon a while ago and the time had come for us to use it! I wasn't sure what to expect from a safari in the middle of Oregon nowhere, but it was a pretty cool experience. We got up early so we could arrive promptly when the animals were hopefully still awake (before afternoon nap time). They were and we had a great time driving among exotic animals not usually seen in our parts. If you live around or near Southern Oregon, I'd suggest a trip!

▲ Oregon looks weirdly like how I imagine Africa to look.

▲ Giraffes help to add to the confusion.

▲ Please brake for the giraffes.

▲ Breakfast gathering.

2014-09-19 10.53.33.jpg
▲ Need a lift?

▲ Afternoon cool down.

2014-09-19 15.19.53.jpg
▲ Hippo. Don't know what else to say about him...

▲ I have to admit that we had been considering a trip to Kenya, to visit Jordan's sister, but now I feel like I've already been!