New Bundle: Bird Graphics

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 05/04/2015 - 07:30

Last week I mentioned that if you didn't get enough birds in my latest bundle, that I would have a bit more for you today. I hope you find me true to my word:

Bird Graphics Bundle
▲ So many birds.

If birds aren't the top of your list, then I also have a little something new for you as well:

Everyday Word Art

I think I've got all my bases covered :)


April 2015 In Photos

By Marisa Lerin Sat, 05/02/2015 - 05:41

I can't believe we're into May already! Looking ahead we have some busy weeks coming, so I know I've got a little more time to get things in order before it's time for some summer holidays!

The weather has slowly been creeping up on the thermometer. The windows have started opening too, and there's not much better than the sweet smelling air that drifts in. My clothes are getting lighter and sometimes my tea is iced. Summer here we come!

2015-04-02 04.11.57 1.jpg

2015-04-04 09.14.58 1.jpg

2015-04-08 12.33.26 1.jpg

2015-04-11 07.31.32 1.jpg

2015-04-15 06.34.46 1.jpg

2015-04-15 06.45.14 1.jpg

2015-04-29 05.06.25 1.jpg

2015-04-29 07.27.15 1.jpg

See my current photo process here.