New Bundle: Fine Print

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 10/26/2015 - 01:25

If I'm not scrapbooking, I'm probably reading. So it was about time I made a bundle about that.

Fine Print Bundle

The best book I've read lately was probably Tales From the Back Row by Amy Odell. If you're curious about the fashion industry, you'll definitely enjoy this one. I've also been reading the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series by Kerry Greenwood, mostly because I'm pretty obsessed with the television show. Everyone should probably stop what they're doing right now and go watch it. Or read the books. Both are great fun.

Some inspiration from the creative team:

By Krissy
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By Melanie
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By Tina By Tina
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By Marlyn
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By Emily
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Chance to win a free metal print from MPix!

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 10/21/2015 - 08:52


(Note that the metal print featured in this post was provided free of charge by MPix for me to review.)

If you've seen my posts lately and thought Jordan and I were doing a bit more around the house than usual, you were right. August marked the start of our third year here in Oregon, and for us that is a significant record. The last time I lived in the same place this long ended when I was 15, so you know, we're celebrating! It has now occurred to us that we do in fact live here, so we've been doing a few things so that the house reflects that.


Between my scrapbooking habit and our mutual photography habit, Jordan and I are not really short of things to hang on the wall. And it's very satisfying to see something you made hanging up in a special place.

We decided we needed something exciting to hang above our bed: not only is it a big empty space, but it's one that we see easily as the wall at the foot of our bed is covered in a giant mirror, so we can actually see the wall behind us when laying on our bed.


Knowing that many of you at Pixel Scrapper have a passion for photography and printing, and since we've been asked about large-format printing on a number of occasions, we thought we would take this opportunity to do some research on metal printing that might benefit those of you looking to potentially print something to hang on an empty wall in your own home.

If you've seen a metal print, you know that they are pretty amazing. We went to an art fair a few weeks ago and all the photographers were showing their work through metal prints. These aluminum prints are so vibrant and life-like, it's hard to really choose any other medium once you've stood in front of one (these photos I'm sharing here really don't do justice to how amazing these prints look in person).

We knew for this print we wanted something with dramatic light, to make the most use of the vibrancy of the metal, so we chose a photo Jordan took of a sunrise in Thailand.

The next step was to find a company to make the print. Jordan did a bunch of research online, and made a short list of companies that had excellent reviews. Our first choice was MPix, since we had used them for regular photo printing before, and were extremely happy with the quality of the prints we received. We asked them if they'd be willing to provide a metal print for us to review for this post, and they agreed! Their customer service was excellent and responsive: so we placed a complimentary order for a 20 x 30-inch print, and waited for it to arrive.

We were shocked when the print arrived the very next day via expedited shipping. It was expertly wrapped in multiple layers of protective packaging, and looked flawless once we unwrapped it. We love our large canvas prints (I've posted about canvas printing before), but held side-by-side to the metal print, the canvas almost looks dull, because the metal is just so vibrant and bright.

Now the amazing thing is that we intentionally chose a photo for this print that was not only taken with a compact 10-megapixel camera, but was actually taken through the window of a moving train! We know that many of you don't have professional SLR cameras, and we wanted to see if it was possible to get good results printing a very "regular" photo out at a large 20 x 30-inch format. We did a little bit or retouching in Photoshop before sending the photo to MPix, but the results are fantastic: you'd never guess that the picture was taken with a small amateur camera, much less through a train window!


So the verdict is in: we love metal prints, you can print out a regular 10-megapixel photo at large scale using metal, and MPix is great: we will doubtless be using them again both for metal and traditional photo printing. In fact, we like this print so much that we're actively looking for blank walls in our home where we might have an excuse to hang another one!

A special metal printing discount for you!

MPix is providing a special discount coupon just for Pixel Scrapper members, that will let you get 20% off of any metal print order. But hurry: this coupon is only good until October 31! To take advantage, visit to create a print order, and enter coupon code pixelmetal15 at checkout.

(This is a one-time use code, meaning it can be used on only one order, but there can be multiple metals in that one order.)

Win a FREE metal print!

MPix has also generously offered to provide $155 worth of completely FREE metal printing to one lucky Pixel Scrapper member! Use the credit to get a huge 20x30" metal print like the one above, or get multiple smaller prints--the choice is yours! All you need to do to be entered into the running for a chance to win the free print is leave a comment on this blog post about where in your home you would love to hang a metal print(s) of your own.

(Note: unfortunately, MPix is only able to ship within the United States and Canada :(. For our international members: please leave a comment letting us know if you have any metal print shop recommendations for your location).