New Bundle: Sugar & Sweet

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 10/12/2015 - 08:00

Are you ready for this super sweet bundle?

Sugar & Sweet

I'm not sure I was prepared for how beautiful this collaboration with Elif turned out. And true to it's name I do want to eat it.

By Megan
▲ By Megan

By Krissy
▲ By Krissy

By Emily
▲ By Emily

By Tina
▲ By Tina

By Melanie
▲ By Melanie

By Marlyn
▲ By Marlyn


September 2015 in Photos

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 10/09/2015 - 00:00

Fall! What a great time. September was a great month, gotta love the weather as it becomes more appropriate to drink tea. Not that the weather ever stops me, but it's definitely more enjoyable to drink it when it's cool. And that's basically how I take stock of my life. Is it good weather for drinking tea?

2015-09-01 03.59.14 1.jpg

▲ Enough said.

2015-09-03 06.36.07 2.jpg

▲ Enjoying a bird's eye view of the Oregon State Fair.

2015-09-04 09.10.44 1.jpg

▲ In September I challenged Jordan to play a board game everyday. I was entirely inspired by the cozy corner we created, which is perfect for a board game.

2015-09-07 09.21.20 1.jpg

▲ The cozy corner is also excellent for reading.

2015-09-18 07.14.14 3 (1).jpg

▲ "Those fall days!"

2015-09-21 03.52.41 1.jpg

▲ Glitter pumpkins for the win.

2015-09-23 05.55.34 1.jpg


▲ Waiting for the eclipse.


▲ Perfection.