New Bundle: The Veggie Patch

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/29/2014 - 10:01

Don't miss this super cute collab bundle that Melo and I snuck up last week. Melo makes the cutest illustrations, so I always love to work with her on anything, even vegetables, which I'm notorious for not liking in real life (if they were as cute as Melo makes them, it'd probably be a different story). I can't wait to see all your summer and fall harvest photos with this cute bundle!

The Veggie Patch Bundle

From the Creative Team.

CT Layout

CT Layout

And don't miss this sweet Quick Page Freebie by Pauline.

QP Freebie

My First Mini Album

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 09/25/2014 - 14:00

I believe I've mentioned a couple times my desire to make a mini book in the real world. There were so many things to think about, how mini should I make it, what photos should I use, what other stuff should I use, etc, that it was a bit intimidating to start. I had purchased this super mini binder at Staples, which I was planning to use, so that set the size for me (although the pages I made ended up being too bulky to ultimately use it, so I had to just put them all on a ring). I dithered for a while about what photos to use, ultimately I want to redo my old paper scrapbooks, make them smaller and more condensed, but before that happens, I wanted a little practice, so I decided to just go with my Instagram photos from the summer. Since they're already edited and curated, it made everything easy. I just stuck six on a 4x6 canvas, printed them out locally and then trimmed them.

Things are getting real. Attempting my first paper #scrapbook in years. #mini #instasummer

It was pretty exciting to hold these all in my hand. Real life crafts have some good parts.


I mostly just used stuff I had lying around in my craft room. I purchased a few things here and there. But since the photos were all random, I felt fine just being random on each mini page, doing whatever I felt like. This suits me well because the one thing that I miss when digital scrapbooking is the randomness. Doing things digitally is very precise. You can alter anything to make it just right. There's no encouragement to use up the last bit of something, or to get creative with your resources. When I digital scrapbook I have access to anything I can imagine and more. Which is great. But I love those layouts that are all bits and pieces of random leftovers. And that's a feeling you just can't get on the computer. So, for the part of me that really likes the scrap in scrapbooking, you've got to go into the real world.


I did learn a few things. Mostly that the size I went with was a bit mini. Fun, but not really sustainable. On a canvas so small, there's only so much you can do.


I'm really hoping I can get a printer before too long so I can try printing out some things I've made and including those.


I've gotten over the initial hump of getting started on a new thing, but now unfortunately it's back to the scanner to try and get those old books scanned so I can take them apart. Now at least I have a little extra motivation.