Project Life: January 2015

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 02/25/2015 - 11:27

At the beginning of the year I shared my revolutionary ideas (spoiler: it's not revolutionary) on starting a Project Life style project for myself this year. I have since been working in top secret on my first attempts, which I'm ready to share with you now!

The first thing I had to figure out was what sort of style I wanted to use. It's surprising how different a template can look considering the confined spaces you need to work with. But I at least knew that I'm currently dead set against rounded corners (so you can all stay tuned for my post in which I realize I love them...). I also didn't really feel like faking pockets either; I just wanted the confined spaces to work with. And since I was working in digital, I decided to embrace it and do what I wouldn't be able to do on paper. So I have some very lovely overlapping pocket areas. If you like them, you can use them too!

Marisa's Pocket Page Templates

I feel like it's pretty unlikely I'll stick with these templates for the whole year, but you have to start somewhere, and this felt good.

Working in the confined spaces was really quite wonderful. I imagined that it would be different from my usual layouts, but I may have underestimated just how different. It feels really great to switch things up, and doing the pockets simultaneously with regular style layouts just keeps everything always fresh. I'm for sure looking forward to adding to this project in February.

You can find all these layouts on Pixel Scrapper as well.

I have all sorts of goodies planned to release in the next couple of weeks, so if you see something in these pages that looks new, it should be coming soon. Also, I'm planning to try out different kinds of pocket style templates and quick pages, to see what you all like best. So don't be shy and let me know what you think.


New Release: Oregonian

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 02/23/2015 - 08:09

I'm quite excited to share this bundle today. It was a weird design situation where I sort of felt like I'd been taken over by some other thing and whatever that thing was created this bundle. I will dare to call this bundle "manly" which is ironic because I was pretty sure that despite all the calls for such a thing from people, I would never make such a bundle. The colors are not my cup of tea, and you know, I really like glitter. And even if I did someday for some reason make a "manly" kit, it sure would not include hunting. If I could declare something to be the most of out of my realm of knowledge, it would probably be hunting. So now you may understand my surprise at having made this bundle, having had no intention to do so.

Another big surprise was that this was meant to be a mini kit that coordinated with my previous Here & Now bundle (it does still loosely coordinate and I've been using the two together). So I think it's quite clear to all of us now that something took over my mind and made this bundle. I most definitely had no intention of making it.

With a little reflection I'm pretty sure the culprit is the Oregonian trees, which I am slightly obsessed with. Whenever we leave this state we now call home, I always feel a little terrible. This is weird, and has not happened before when I have left a different home for a trip. It's even more weird because I'm suspicious I'm just really missing the trees.

So if you enjoy this kit, you can just thank the trees out my window, which are very tall and green all the time.

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