Blog Link Up: Pick a Favorite (Kit)

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 04/15/2015 - 05:49

For this month's blog link up I thought it would be fun to share about a favorite kit. Maybe it's a favorite you designed, or maybe the one you always reach for when starting a new layout.

Whenever I design something I usually declare it to be my favorite. But when I give the question a little time, the favorite that always comes to mind is my Lake District Bundle. This one was a challenge for me to get right because the trip I was using as inspiration was a very special trip and I wanted to do my photos justice. It took three rounds of color selection to get it right.

palette indecision

The fact that I actually did manage to get it right is why I love this bundle. For one thing, designs don't always turn out that way. It frequently happens that I start out with something in mind, but try as I might in the end I just can't execute it. And the fact that I could then use this bundle to make layouts of some favorite memories also adds to the endearment.

One weird tidbit is that I usually consider purple to be my most under-used and unappreciated color, but here it is being a hero in my most favorite bundle.

Lake District Bundle

Also, the fact that I could use Melo's sheep is what truly made this whole project the ultimate winner in my opinion.

Layout with Sheep

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I'm looking forward to hearing your favorites! Write a blog post and link it up with the tool below. Or let us know your thoughts in the comments.


New Bundle: The Most Useful Bundle

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 04/13/2015 - 05:21

There are some things I find that I use quite frequently and I was getting annoyed that I couldn't find them exactly when I needed them. So I decided to solve that problem by just putting everything in one place.

The Most Useful Bundle

I'm going through a long-lasting phase of preferring to work on a solid white background when making a layout. So I've included lots of options so I'm not literally using the same paper every time. Also, some subtle ledger papers help break up the monotony.

White Papers Ledger Papers

Arrows and hearts are my favorite elements, so I've got some fun rubber ones here. You can easily alter the gray ones if you want a little more color.

Rubber Elements Rubber Frames

I love a little doodle element in the background as well.

Doodle Kit 34 Doodle Kit #3

Clips and dates are a useful finishing touch.

Clips Date Stamps

You'll notice that I did add a Vol. 1 to the title, and you may correctly surmise from this that I'm not confident I got truly everything it needs to be truly Most Useful. So please let me know what I missed this time around, and I'll get it next time.

This bundle isn't really meant to be used alone, but Tina did such a great job with this layout I wanted to be sure to share it:

By Tina

And this one from Emily!

By Emily