Shabby Grunge Tag 16

Shabby Grunge Tag 16

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Recent Comments

Brenda Pedden
Brenda Pedden Sun, 04/21/2019 - 15:12

Hi Karen,

I just cut out a picture of a wrinkled/folded/worn/curled tag, duplicate cutout tag to new layer and paint it solid black to make it my bottom background silhouette shape. Then use I the quick selection tool to carefully select each of the individual parts (curls, corners, front face, backing, etc) from the original tag layer and copy/paste each of those selections onto their own different layers, clipping each layer to the bottom silhouette layer. Then I add my papers/textures to each layer. The last step is to use the burn/dodge tools for shading/lighting, and then adding drop shadows to get the curls to 'lift' off the tag.

It's time consuming, but you end up with a curled tag .psd template that you can now easily change up the patterns/textures/colours a gazillion times whenever you want in a matter of minutes.

Hope that helps!

Karin Starr
Karin Starr Fri, 04/19/2019 - 21:03

This looks interesting, would love to know how you make these. Thanks :)