2010 January - Brady 6th Birthday

2010 January - Brady 6th Birthday

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Recent Comments

Heather Alger
Heather Alger Sun, 08/04/2013 - 03:09

Great page and photos, love this :)

Lizanne Killian
Lizanne Killian Tue, 06/04/2013 - 20:04

I really like your LO, Brooke! Looks like Brady had a great birthday. =)

Lórien Rezende
Lórien Rezende Tue, 06/04/2013 - 04:11

He looks so happy! I love those pictures.

cheryl bass
cheryl bass Mon, 06/03/2013 - 16:36

Love this and I see you did a great template that you used. SOOOO getting it. I love templates that utilize space for lots of pictures! Thank you!

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Mon, 06/03/2013 - 14:46

Great page! Perfect use of Marisa's new kit!

Mersija (Mer-see-ya) Simon
Mersija (Mer-see-ya) Simon Mon, 06/03/2013 - 13:56

Very nice pic's Brooke,i like what you do with the new birthday kit...........Great layout!!

Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis Mon, 06/03/2013 - 12:46

Fun layout. Love the candles and the template!

Harriett Humphries
Harriett Humphries Mon, 06/03/2013 - 09:48

Nice use of the layout. Especially like the background circles to bring the eye to the photos.

Jenn Star
Jenn Star Mon, 06/03/2013 - 09:36

Super cute! Love the candles!