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  1. Earth Day- Green Globe Paper
  2. Earth Day- Pink Recycled Paper
  3. Earth Day- Green Cardboard
  4. Earth Day- Dark Green Tree Paper
  5. Earth Day- Painted Ripped Paper Border
  6. At The Farm Tag- Yellow
  7. Real Textures 076- Grass
  8. Cluck- At The Farm Word Art
  9. Life Better In The Country- At The Farm Word Art
  10. At The Farm Tag- Heart
  11. At The Farm Tag- Circle Orange
  12. Moo- At The Farm Word Art
  13. Oink- At The Farm Word Art
  14. Earth Day Solid Green Paper 01
  15. Earth Day Solid Gray Paper 02
  16. The Lucky One Paint 05
  17. Lucky To Have You Word Art
  18. Light Green Embossed Clovers Paper
  19. The Lucky One Medium Green Glitter Paper
  20. Medium Green Embossed Clovers Paper
  21. Cardstock Leaf
  22. Green Ripped Cardboard
  23. Maple Seed
  24. Purple Cardstock Flower
  25. Vintage Seed Packet
  26. Teal Cardboard Flower
  27. Glass Recycle Water- Unshadowed
  28. Globe Heart- Unshadowed
  29. At The Farm Tag- Red
  30. Real Textures 075- Grass
  31. Earth Day Mini- Seed 2
  32. Earth Day Mini- Solid Gray Corrugated Cardboard Paper
  33. Earth Day Mini- Shadowed Glass Recycle 2
  34. Earth Day Mini- Solid Green Corrugated Cardboard Paper
  35. The Lucky One- Striped Oval Sticker
  36. The Lucky One- Teal Curly Twine
  37. The Lucky One- Tiny Metal Ring
  38. The Lucky One- Unshaddowed Bunting
  39. The Lucky One- White Doily
  40. The Lucky One- Wood Frame