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  1. Forever Friends Mini Kit- "Sweet" Word Art
  2. Forever Friends Mini Kit- "Smart" Word Art
  3. Forever Friends Mini Kit- Silver Tiara #02
  4. Forever Friends Mini Kit- Silver Tiara #01
  5. Forever Friends Mini Kit- "Two Peas In A Pod" Word Art
  6. Forever Friends Mini Kit- Ribbon With Staple
  7. Forever Friends Mini Kit- Silver Wire Frame
  8. Pond Life- Dots Paper
  9. Pond Life- Dragonfly
  10. Pond Life- Grasshopper
  11. Pond Life- Green Ric Rac
  12. Oh Baby Red Solid
  13. Oh Baby Orange Solid
  14. Oh Baby Blue Safety Pin
  15. Oh Baby Brown Stitches
  16. Oh Baby Antique Envelope
  17. Oh Baby Pink Rose Button
  18. Oh Baby Red Lace
  19. Oh Baby Yellow Silk Flower
  20. Oh Baby Word Ribbon
  21. Oh Baby "Sweet" Word Art
  22. Oh Baby "Sweet Pea" Word Art
  23. Oh Baby Girl Bead Banner (shadowed)
  24. World Cup Label- Super Fan
  25. Road Trip Journal Card- Roadside Attraction
  26. World Cup Circle of Stars
  27. World Cup Frame
  28. Pond Life- Butterflies Stamped Journal Card 3x4
  29. Sand & Beach- Love Sea- Journal Card
  30. Sand & Beach- Dark Green- Paper
  31. July Blog Train- Travel- Brad
  32. July Blog Train- Travel- Map- Paper
  33. Sand & Beach- Lifebuoy- Paper
  34. Sweet Summer Ribbon
  35. Sweet Summer Anchor
  36. Sand And Beach- Ticket- Label
  37. Sand And Beach- Tab
  38. Sand And Beach- Paper Arrow
  39. Sand And Beach- Sunglasses Blue
  40. Sand And Beach- Butterfly