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  1. Sand And Beach- Fun Button
  2. Sand And Beach- Clothespin
  3. Sand And Beach- Fish
  4. Sand And Beach- Hat
  5. Sand And Beach- Wooden Heart
  6. Oh Baby, Baby- Daddy's Girl Label
  7. Oh Baby, Baby-Double Bow Curly Ribbon
  8. Oh Baby, Baby- Solid Paper- Green
  9. Oh Baby, Baby- Solid Paper- Orange
  10. Oh Baby, Baby- Solid Paper- Pink
  11. World Cup Blue Paper
  12. World Cup Light Blue Paper
  13. Many Thanks- Birds
  14. Many Thanks- Brown Twine Bow
  15. Many Thanks- Brown Fabric Accordian Flower
  16. Many Thanks- Brown Tie
  17. Independence- Bakers's Twine
  18. Independence- Bingo Card
  19. Independence- Blue Bead
  20. Independence- Blue Butterfly
  21. Independence- Blue Button
  22. Independence- Blue Crochet Flower
  23. Independence- Blue Star
  24. Pond Life- Green Scale Pattern Paper
  25. Pond Life- Lavender Flower
  26. Pond Life- Leafy Branch
  27. Pond Life- Leafy Paper
  28. Oh Baby Tan Solid
  29. Oh Baby Yellow Heart Brad
  30. Oh Baby "Little Love" Word Art
  31. Oh Baby Blue Lace
  32. Oh Baby Ornamental Ribbon
  33. Oh Baby Red Roses Cutout
  34. Oh Baby I Love You Bead Banner (shadowed)
  35. Oh Baby Tan Silk Flower
  36. Oh Baby Tag on a String
  37. Oh Baby Yellow Velvet Ribbon
  38. Oh Baby Clothesline Banner (unshadowed)
  39. World Cup Bard Star- Orange
  40. World Cup Bard Star- Red