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  1. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Teal 05
  2. Enchanted- Glitter Green
  3. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Gold 01
  4. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Gold 06
  5. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Green 02
  6. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Green 07
  7. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Pink 03
  8. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Pink 08
  9. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Purple 09
  10. Enchanted- Glitter Swirl Purple 04
  11. The Lucky One- Orange Polka Dot Tape
  12. Country Wedding- Lilac Polkadots Paper
  13. Country Wedding- Blue Dotted Circles Paper
  14. Quilted With Love- Modern Mustard Swiss Dot Fabric Paper
  15. Quilted With Love- Modern Blue Swiss Dot Fabric Paper
  16. Country Wedding- White Polkadot Paper
  17. Country Wedding- Sage Dotted Circle Paper
  18. Red Dots Paper
  19. Yellow Dots Paper
  20. Light Teal Dots Paper
  21. Orange Swiss Dot Fabric Paper
  22. Plum Big Dots Paper
  23. The Best is Yet To Come Mini Paper Dots- Purple
  24. The Best is Yet To Come Mini Paper Dots- Teal
  25. Red Swiss Dot Fabric Paper
  26. The Best is Yet To Come Mini Bead Scatter
  27. Be Mine Mini Paper Polka Dots- Purple
  28. Be Mine Mini Paper Polka Dots- Green
  29. Be Mine Mini Pink Heart Clothespin
  30. Quilted With Love- Vintage Yellow Cathedral Window Paper
  31. Quilted With Love- Vintage Rose Cathedral Window Paper
  32. Quilted With Love- Vintage Red Cathedral Window Paper
  33. Quilted With Love- Vintage Purple Cathedral Window Paper
  34. Quilted With Love- Vintage Orange Cathedral Window Paper
  35. Quilted With Love- Vintage Mustard Cathedral Window Paper
  36. Quilted With Love- Vintage Green Cathedral Window Paper
  37. Quilted With Love- Vintage Blue Cathedral Window Paper
  38. Lil Monster Fun Dots Paper
  39. Be Mine- Pink Bokeh Paint
  40. You+Me Circle Stamp