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  1. At The Farm Tag- Circle Orange
  2. The Lucky One- Tiny Metal Ring
  3. The Lucky One- Striped Sticker
  4. March 17th Word Art
  5. At The Farm Label- Rise & Shine
  6. The Lucky One- Shamrock Sticker
  7. The Lucky One- Shamrock Sticker 2
  8. The Lucky One- Stitching 1
  9. Earth Day Mini- Lime Button
  10. Kiss Me I'm Irish Word Art
  11. The Lucky One- Ornate Green Button
  12. Enchanted- Circle Beauty
  13. Enchanted- Circle Dreams
  14. Enchanted- Circle Enchanted
  15. Enchanted- Circle Magical
  16. The Lucky One- Copper Button
  17. Irish Eyes Word Art
  18. The Lucky One- Circle Tag
  19. The Lucky One- Circle Stitching
  20. The Lucky One- Clover Milk Cap
  21. The Lucky One- Bunting Sticker
  22. The Lucky One- Circle Glitter Frame
  23. Country Wedding- Blue Dotted Circles Paper
  24. Grandma's Kitchen Tag 02
  25. Milk Top Tab
  26. Quilted With Love- Modern- Red Rose Button
  27. Quilted With Love- Modern- Ornate Mustard Button
  28. Quilted With Love- Modern- Orange Button
  29. Coastal Label- Joy
  30. Coastal Label- Peace
  31. Lil Monster Green Target Stamp
  32. Lil Monster Brown Target Stamp
  33. Lil Monster Orange Target Stamp
  34. Lil Monster Yellow Target Stamp
  35. Lil Monster Blue Target Stamp
  36. Lil Monster Red Target Stamp
  37. Christmas Memories Gems- Yellow
  38. Rose Gem 02
  39. Yellow Gem 01
  40. The Best is Yet To Come Mini Button- Purple