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  1. Lil Monster- Yellow Alpha
  2. Oh Lucky Day Alpha- Teal
  3. Oh Lucky Day Alpha- Green
  4. Lil Monster- Red Alpha
  5. Lil Monster- Green Alpha
  6. Lil Monster- Blue Alpha
  7. Sweet Valentine- Teal Polka Dot Chipboard Alpha
  8. Sweet Valentine- Tan Burlap Alpha
  9. Sweet Valentine- Red Stitched Felt Alpha
  10. Sweet Valentine- Pink Burlap Alpha
  11. Frozen- Acrylic Alpha
  12. Winter Plaid Alpha- Red
  13. Winter Plaid Alpha- Green
  14. Winter Plaid Alpha- Brown
  15. Winter Plaid Alpha- Blue
  16. Simple Pleasures Alpha
  17. Like This Alpha- Yellow
  18. Like This Alpha- Red
  19. Like This Alpha- Green
  20. Like This Alpha- Gray
  21. Like This Alpha- Blue
  22. Deck the Halls Alpha- Teal
  23. Deck the Halls Alpha- Red
  24. Deck the Halls Alpha- Orange
  25. Deck the Halls Alpha- Lime
  26. Turkey Time Alpha
  27. Deck the Halls Alpha- Green
  28. Deck the Halls Alpha- Brown
  29. Brighten Up Alpha- Red
  30. Brighten Up Alpha- Purple
  31. Brighten Up Alpha- Pink
  32. Brighten Up Dates- Yellow
  33. Brighten Up Dates- Pink
  34. Brighten Up Alpha- Orange
  35. Brighten Up Dates- Orange
  36. Brighten Up Alpha- Navy
  37. Brighten Up Dates- Navy
  38. Brighten Up Alpha- Green
  39. Brighten Up Dates- Green
  40. Brighten Up Alpha- Brown