1. Reflections of Strength- Green Ornamental Paper
  2. Be Bold Journal Cards- Lilac And Orange Dotted Triangle 4x4 Journal Card- Card 6
  3. Be Bold Journal Cards- Lilac And Orange Dotted Triangle 4x6 Journal Card- Card 6
  4. Be Bold Journal Cards- Lilac, White, And Orange Stripe Diagonal 3x4 Journal Card- Card 4
  5. Be Bold Papers- Orange, Lilac, And White Diamond Stripes Patterned Paper- Paper 2
  6. A Little Sparkle {Papers}- Paper 18
  7. The Nutcracker- Green Ornamental Paper
  8. The Nutcracker- Red Ornamental Paper
  9. The Nutcracker- Brown Ornamental Paper
  10. The Nutcracker- Blue Ornamental Paper
  11. Ornamental Overlay Template 01
  12. Jolly- Diamond Paper
  13. Jolly- Triangles Paper- Large
  14. Paper 809b- Triangles Template- Small
  15. Paper 809- Triangles Template
  16. AutumnArt-Paper-Argyle
  17. Spookalicious- Black Argyle Stamp
  18. Our House- Diamonds Paper
  19. Layered Argyle Overlay Template
  20. Spookalicious- Colorful Argyle Paper
  21. AtTheFair-Paper-Argyle
  22. AtTheFair-AddOn-Paper-Argyle
  23. Veggie Patch Argyle Paper
  24. Meet Me In Paris- Argyle Paper
  25. Sweet Moments Argyle Paper
  26. Argyle 16b Overlay
  27. Green Diamonds with Clovers Paper
  28. Green Diamonds Paper
  29. Mexico- Diamond Paper- Small
  30. Mexico- Diamond Paper- Large
  31. Mexico- Argyle Paper- Medium
  32. Mexico- Argyle Paper- Medium- Bright
  33. Mexico- Diamond Paper- Small- Orange
  34. Mexico- Argyle Paper- Large
  35. Mexico- Argyle Paper- Small
  36. Paper 553a- Argyle Template- Large
  37. Paper 553b- Argyle Overlay- Large
  38. Paper 553c- Argyle Template
  39. Paper 553c2- Argyle Template
  40. Paper 553d- Argyle Overlay