1. Reflections of Strength Mini Kit- Calling Card Ephemera
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  3. Think of Me Tag Ephemera Template
  4. Good Day- Green Ric Rac
  5. Look, A Book!- Read Word Art
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  13. Look, A Book!- Red Ribbon
  14. Look, A Book!- Leaf Cluster
  15. Look, A Book!- Green Ribbon
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  17. Rustic Charm- Calling Card
  18. Rustic Charm- True Love Word Art
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  25. Reading Is Fun Word Art Template 001
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  29. Fun Word Art Template 001
  30. Imagination Word Art Template 001
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  34. Rustic Charm- Faith Word Art
  35. Rustic Charm- Forever Word Art
  36. Rustic Charm- Always and Forever Word Art
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