1. Mexico Labels- Tu y Yo 2 (You & I)
  2. Mexico Labels- Vida Amorosa (Lovely Life)
  3. Mexico Labels- Vida Amorosa 2 (Lovely Life)
  4. Autumn Art Word Snippet- All the Glory
  5. Mexico Labels- Tu y Yo (You & I)
  6. Mexico Labels- Maravilloso (Wonderful)
  7. Mexico Labels- Magnifica (Magnific referring to a girl)
  8. Mexico Labels- El Camino (The Road)
  9. Mexico Labels- La Vida Mágica (The Magic Life)
  10. Video Game Valentine Label- This Guy Loves
  11. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Let Go
  12. Beauty Excuse Word Art
  13. Argyle Buttons Tags- Cold & Dark Nights
  14. Mexico Labels- Maravillosa (Wonderful)
  15. Mexico Labels- Feliz 2 (Happy)
  16. Mexico Labels- Vivir, Reir, Amor (Live, Laugh, Love)
  17. Mexico Labels- Que Bien (That's Good)
  18. Mexico Labels- Nosotros (We)
  19. Oh Baby Baby- Metallic Baby Word Art
  20. Oh Baby Baby- Metallic Sweet Word Art
  21. Video Game Valentine Label- I Like You
  22. Video Game Valentine Label- Every Day
  23. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Change
  24. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Colorful Leaves
  25. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Give Thanks
  26. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Trees & Leaves
  27. History Word Art
  28. Brush 031 G Sweet
  29. Mexico Labels- Disfrutar Hoy (Enjoy Today)
  30. Mexico Labels- Cada Minuto (Every Minute)
  31. Mexico Labels- Buena Foto 2 (Good Picture)
  32. Mexico Labels- Magnifico (Magnific referring to a boy)
  33. Mexico Labels- Divertida (Fun)
  34. Oh Baby Baby- Metallic New Word Art
  35. Video Game Valentine Label- I Love You
  36. Autumn Word Art Snippet- Gratitude
  37. Autumn Art Word Snippet- I Love Autumn
  38. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Long Nights Dreaming
  39. Autumn Art Word Snippet- Look Up
  40. Football Tag