1. Strawberry Fields- Wordart- Berry Much
  2. Strawberry Fields- Words Paper
  3. Strawberry Fields- Strawberry Wooden Word Art 2
  4. Boozy Wine Paper- Wine Words Overlay Tan
  5. Boozy Wine Paper- Words Overlay Pink & Red
  6. Strawberry Fields- Cream Words Paper
  7. Narcissus- Stamps- Blossom
  8. Reflections of Strength- Chalk Strength
  9. Mexico Labels- Tu y Yo 2 (You & I)
  10. Mexico Labels- Vida Amorosa (Lovely Life)
  11. Mexico Labels- Vida Amorosa 2 (Lovely Life)
  12. Good Day- Painted Words- Fab
  13. Narcissus- Stamps- Bloom
  14. Narcissus- Stamps- Earth Laughs In Flowers
  15. Narcissus- Stamps- Garden is Mirror of the Soul
  16. Strawberry Fields- Jam Wooden Word Art
  17. Strawberry Fields- Pie Wooden Word Art
  18. Mexico Labels- Tu y Yo (You & I)
  19. Narcissus- Stamps- You Make My Soul Blossom
  20. Mexico Labels- Maravilloso (Wonderful)
  21. Word Art Template 036
  22. Mexico Labels- El Camino (The Road)
  23. Mexico Labels- La Vida Mágica (The Magic Life)
  24. Mexico Labels- Magnifica (Magnific referring to a girl)
  25. Narcissus- Stamps- Flower
  26. Narcissus- Stamps- Bloom Where You Are Planted
  27. Word Art Template 073
  28. Mexico Labels- Maravillosa (Wonderful)
  29. Word Art Template 055
  30. Mexico Labels- Que Bien (That's Good)
  31. Mexico Labels- Nosotros (We)
  32. Mexico Labels- Feliz 2 (Happy)
  33. Narcissus- Stamps- You Smell Like Spring
  34. Word Art Template 070
  35. Beauty Excuse Word Art
  36. History Word Art
  37. Mexico Labels- Disfrutar Hoy (Enjoy Today)
  38. Mexico Labels- Cada Minuto (Every Minute)
  39. Reflections of Strength- Change Word Dot
  40. Reflections of Strength- Changes Word Dot