1. Work Day- White Solid Paper
  2. Work Day- Solid Teal Paper
  3. Love Overlay
  4. Reflections of Strength Mini Kit- Unshadowed The Future Word Art
  5. Look, A Book!- Paint 11
  6. Look, A Book!- Paint 1
  7. Reflections of Strength- I've Got This Word Art
  8. Paint Stamp Template 076
  9. Reflections of Strength- I am Strong Word Art
  10. Reflections of Strength- Unshadowed Cherish, Dream, Live Word Art
  11. Reflections of Strength- Unshadowed Leap of Faith Word Art
  12. Reflections of Strength Mini Kit- Paint 9
  13. Reflections of Strength Mini Kit- Shadowed The Future Word Art
  14. Winter Words- Teal
  15. Tiny, But Mighty- Tiptoe Wordart
  16. Garden Party- Solid Green Paper
  17. Sweater Weather Papers- Blue Winter Words 02
  18. Look, A Book!- Paint 12
  19. Look, A Book!- Read To Me Word Art
  20. Birthday Wishes- Banner Paper with Words
  21. Grungy Border Template
  22. Reflections of Strength- Life is Beautiful Word Art
  23. Reflections of Strength- Shadowed Cherish, Dream, Live Word Art
  24. Reflections of Strength- Hopes, Dreams, Desires Word Art
  25. Work Day- Journal Card 11
  26. Work Day- Solid Black Paper
  27. Work Day- Light Gray Solid Paper
  28. Work Day- Navy Blue Solid Paper
  29. Work Day- Newsprint Paper
  30. Work Day- Solid Red Paper
  31. Merry Christmas Overlay
  32. Ephemera 05- Overlay
  33. Paint Stamp Template 069
  34. Thankful-JournalCard3
  35. Paint Stamp Template 078
  36. Reflections of Strength- This Moment Word Art
  37. Reflections of Strength- Today Word Art
  38. Reflections of Strength- Unshadowed Begin Today Word Art
  39. Reflections of Strength- Yesterday Word Art
  40. At The Fair Add-on- Tag- Awesome