1. Sweater Weather- Little Blue Flower
  2. Spookalicious- Black Star Sticker
  3. Sweet Valentine Elements- Kisses and Hugs
  4. Turkey Time- Wavy Paper
  5. Sweet Valentine Elements- Blue Heart Brad
  6. Furry Friends- Kitty- Banner
  7. Tiny Pinwheels Overlay Template
  8. Spookalicious- 31 Stamp
  9. Bottle Template
  10. Lil Monster- Green Star Button
  11. Trim-Template 05
  12. Furry Friends- Kitty- Cat Face Paper
  13. Transparent Overlays- Misted Overlay 05
  14. Layered Doodle Flower Template
  15. Space Explorer- Venus
  16. Summer Daydreams- Star- Green
  17. Stitching Brushes and Styles Set- Cross Stitch- Thin
  18. Christmas In July- CB- Green Flower02
  19. Renewal May 2015 Block Train Mini Kit- Metal Rimmed Tag- Recorded
  20. Space Explorer- Spray Paint- Blue
  21. Sweet Valentine Leafy Paper
  22. Lil Monster Orange Solid paper
  23. Sweet Valentine- Heart Patterned Flower
  24. Our House- Brown Wooden Frame
  25. Sweet Valentine- Red & Pink Flower
  26. Turkey Time- Brown Button
  27. School Fun- Bus Stop Sticker
  28. Dream Big Collab- Wood Chip Flourish
  29. No Tricks, Just Treats- Fabric Web Border
  30. Rain, Rain- Green Polkadot Ribbon
  31. Nutcracker December BT Mini Kit- Cream Frame
  32. Kitty- Illustrations 02- Fish and Bowl
  33. Autumn Art Brush Doodle- Flower 05
  34. Jane- Tan and Brown Crochet Flower
  35. Christmas In July- Ornament Paper- Red
  36. Jane- Vintage Pink Roses Paper
  37. Paper Textures Set #2- Texture 10
  38. Vintage- November Blogtrain Butterfly
  39. Sweet Valentine Elements- Stitch Holes
  40. Clock Makers Brush- Inner Border- Solid Circle Line