1. New Backpack Word Art
  2. Apples Overlay 02
  3. Eighth Grade Word Art
  4. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- School Boy Card
  5. It's Elementary, My Dear- Purple Apples Overlay 01
  6. Chalkboard Essentials Doodle Kit 1- Chalk Header 2
  7. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Numbers Journal Card
  8. Quilted With Love- Modern- Green Tape Measure 2
  9. School Fun- Favorite Moments Tag
  10. Be Mine- Vintage Valentine Card
  11. Midterms Word Art
  12. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Ledger Paper 01
  13. Physics Word Snippet
  14. Earth Science Word Snippet
  15. It's Elementary, My Dear- Popsicle Stick
  16. Here & Now- Geometric Paper
  17. It's Elementary, My Dear- Half Dollar
  18. School Fun- Books Sticker
  19. School Fun- 3 Photo Notebook Paper Frame
  20. Love to Learn Word Art Arrow
  21. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Red Stitch
  22. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Yellow Words Solid Paper
  23. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Notebook Frame
  24. Move Small Numbers Paper
  25. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Yellow Emblem Washi Tape
  26. Book Cover Texture 001
  27. Paper Templates No.4: Ledger- Pattern 2
  28. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Paint Stamp 005 Doodle
  29. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Math Text Paper
  30. Remember Word Art
  31. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Staple 6
  32. School Paper Pencils
  33. Athletics Word Snippet
  34. Chalkboard Template
  35. Math Word Snippet
  36. It's Elementary, My Dear- Domino 01
  37. Thankful- Chalkboard Paper
  38. It's Elementary, My Dear- ABC Block
  39. School Fun- Crayon- Red
  40. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Purple Grid Paper