1. Be Bold Journal Cards- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned 4x6 Journal Card- Card 2
  2. Be Bold Journal Cards- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned 3x4 Journal Card- Card 2
  3. Be Bold Journal Cards- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned 4x4 Journal Card- Card 2
  4. Be Bold Papers- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned Paper- Paper 7
  5. reflections Mini Kit- Smell Like Spring Word Art
  6. reflections Mini Kit- Shine Like Sun Word Art
  7. reflections Mini Kit- Smell The FlowersWord Art
  8. Reflections Mini Kit- My Beautiful Wildflower Word Art
  9. Reflections Mini Kit- Make My Soul Blossom Word Art
  10. Reflections Mini Kit- Live Life Like Word Art
  11. Reflections Mini Kit- Flower Word Art
  12. Reflections Mini Kit- Blossom Word Art
  13. Reflections Mini Kit- Bloom Word Art
  14. Reflections Mini Kit- Beautiful Spring Word Art
  15. Button Mix Set 01- Blue Button # 10- Striated
  16. Button Mix Set 01- Aqua 4 Hole Button # 05
  17. Button Mix Set 01- Button 04- Aqua Flower
  18. The Nutcracker- Aqua Solid Paper
  19. Our House- Beaded Ribbon
  20. Mix Buttons No.2- Button 17
  21. At The Fair- Green Criss Cross Paper
  22. Many Thanks Journal Card 1
  23. Many Thanks Multi-Colored Dot Paper
  24. Beachy!- Teal Paper
  25. Oh Baby, Baby- Marbled 2 Paper
  26. Oh Baby, Baby- Butterfly 2
  27. Oh Baby Baby- Solid Blue Paper
  28. Oh Baby Baby- Blue Bib
  29. Hello Teal Solid Paper
  30. Hello Teal Star Paper
  31. Ride A Bike Word Bits- Ride Bike
  32. Sunshine & Lemons No2- Stitched Teal Frame
  33. Ride A Bike Scattered Bits- Ribbon Leaves 02
  34. Ride A Bike Scattered Bits- Glass Teardrop Bead- Green
  35. Earth Day- Talk Bubble 2
  36. Earth Day Solid Teal Paper 01
  37. Earth Day- Ribbon
  38. Teal Frame for 3 photos
  39. Earth Day- Dark Globe Paper
  40. Earth Day- Recycle Symbol