1. The Nutcracker- Shadowed Bunting
  2. The Nutcracker- Die Cut Hand
  3. Love At First Sight- Sticker 3 Flowers
  4. Love At First Sight- Speech Balloons Paper
  5. Our House- Unshadowed Bunting
  6. Our House- Vintage Advertisement
  7. Our House- Vintage Tag
  8. Our House- Shadowed Bunting
  9. Love At First Sight- Bicycle Tape
  10. Our House- Heart Scatter
  11. Our House- Heart Ribbon
  12. Video Game Valentine High Score Paper
  13. Video Game Valentine Blocks Paper
  14. Video Game Valentine Girls Paper
  15. Video Game Valentine Paper
  16. Our House- Blue Clothespin
  17. Birthday Wishes- Polka Dot Numbers
  18. Birthday Wishes- Pink Party Hat Sticker
  19. Love At First Sight- Paper Flower Clusters
  20. Our House- Mini Kit- Fabric Flower 1
  21. Our House- Mini Kit- Floral Doodle 2 Paper
  22. Birthday Wishes- Colorful Chevron Sticker
  23. Birthday Wishes- Pink Cupcake
  24. Our House- Mini Kit- Bunting
  25. Our House- Paint 2
  26. Our House- Paint 4
  27. Our House- Paint 6
  28. Our House- Wallpaper Paper
  29. Our House- Plaid Paper
  30. Our House- Floral Doodle 3 Paper
  31. Our House- Floral Doodle 4 Paper
  32. Our House- Hearts Paper
  33. Birthday Wishes- Balloon Numbers
  34. Birthday Wishes- Balloon Cluster
  35. Bright Days Sticker Alpha
  36. Video Game Valentine- Frames Paper
  37. Video Game Valentine- Cupcake Paper
  38. Video Game Valentine- Arrow Paper
  39. Video Game Valentine- Floral Paper
  40. Video Game Valentine Mini- Hearts Paper