1. Birthday Wishes- Polka Dot Party Hat Sticker
  2. Birthday Wishes- Polka Dot Numbers
  3. Birthday Wishes- Polka Dot Candle Sticker
  4. Fall Into Autumn- Blue Acorns Paper
  5. Nutcracker Tape- Blue & White
  6. Dream Big Collag- Blue Polka Dot Bow
  7. Our House Mini Kit- Spotted Blue Maple Leaf
  8. Garden Party- Blue Lace
  9. Summer Fields Teal Bow
  10. Bolivia Washi Tape- Blue
  11. Bolivia Bow- Blue Polka Dot
  12. Garden Party- Polka Dot Paper Banner
  13. Many Thanks Journal Card 8
  14. Sweet Summer Label
  15. One Stop Bunting Shop- Blue Polka Dot Tie
  16. Hot Air Balloon- Polka Dots Paper
  17. Egypt Frames- Polka Dots
  18. Lake District- Polka Dots Paper
  19. At Twilight- Polka Dots Paper
  20. Thanksgiving Flower- Green
  21. DSF October 2013 Paper Damask Med- Pink & Blue
  22. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Blue Polka Dot Ribbon
  23. Family Game Night Ribbon- Med Polka Dots
  24. Family Tab- Sister
  25. Inspire Journal Card- Floral & Polka Dot
  26. Inspire Clusters- Pink Circle
  27. It's Elementary, My Dear- Polka Dot Ribbon 02
  28. Inspire Clusters- Green Circle
  29. Inspire Ribbon Cluster
  30. Pretty Things Brown Polka Dot Paper
  31. DSF Aug 2012 Blue Polka Dot 11 Paper
  32. Cheer Journal Card- Green Blue and Red
  33. Cheer Journal Card- Blue Green & Red Polka Dot
  34. Cheer Star Cluster- with Shadow
  35. Cambodia Brad Chrome- Blue Polka Dot
  36. Cambodia Distressed Polka Dot Paper
  37. Cambodia Polka Dot Star Paper
  38. At The Wadi Polka Dots 53 Paper
  39. Berlin Background 08
  40. Dinosaurs Sticker- Stegosaurus