1. Strawberry Fields- Strawberry Label
  2. Strawberry Fields- Calling Card 2
  3. Reflections of Strength Mini Kit- Calling Card Ephemera
  4. Look, A Book!- Silly Word Art
  5. Look, A Book!- Reading Is Fun Word Art
  6. Look, A Book!- Imagination Word Art
  7. Look, A Book!- Love To Read Word Art
  8. Rustic Charm- Calling Card
  9. Rustic Charm- True Love Word Art
  10. Woodland Winter- Ornamental Ribbon
  11. The Nutcracker- Die Cut Frame
  12. The Nutcracker- Vintage Card 1
  13. The Nutcracker- Blue Glitter Paper
  14. The Nutcracker- Die Cut Hand
  15. The Nutcracker- Blue Staple
  16. The Nutcracker- Blue Striped Ribbon
  17. Garden Party- Gem Swirl
  18. Garden Party- Gem Arrow
  19. Garden Party- Gem Crown
  20. Pond Life- Fish
  21. Pond Life- Lace Butterfly 2
  22. Oh Baby Blue Safety Pin
  23. Hello- Blue Flower
  24. Sunshine & Lemons No2- Blue Ribbon
  25. Blue Safety Pin
  26. Hello!- Crochet Flower
  27. Quilted With Love- Modern Rainbow Patchwork Quilt Paper
  28. Quilted With Love- Modern Blue Joseph Coat Quilt Paper
  29. Quilted With Love- Modern Blue Patchwork Quilt Paper 2
  30. Country Wedding- Fabric Flower Button
  31. Quilted With Love- Geometric Ribbon
  32. Quilted With Love- Blue Ribbon
  33. Country Wedding- Blue Crochet Flower
  34. Quilted With Love- Modern- Thread Spools
  35. The Best Is Yet To Come- Crocheted Flower
  36. The Best Is Yet To Come- Aqua Scatter
  37. Blue Gem 02
  38. Blue Gem 01
  39. Tiny, But Mighty- Heart Rate Cord
  40. Tiny, But Mighty- Nasal Canulas in Jar