1. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Peachy Pink Shiny Bead Circle
  2. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Pink Wooden Bird
  3. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Pink Wooden Snowflake 1
  4. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Pink Wooden Snowflake 2
  5. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Cream Plastic Pointer
  6. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Cream Plastic Snowflake
  7. Woodland Winter- Cream Ornamental Paper
  8. Woodland Winter- Green Ornamental Paper
  9. Woodland Winter- Newsprint Paper
  10. Reflections At Night- Paper 9
  11. Reflections At Night- Paper 10
  12. Reflections At Night- Paper 11
  13. Reflections At Night- Paper 12
  14. Woodland Winter- Cream Snowflakes Paper
  15. Woodland Winter- Gray Animals Paper
  16. Woodland Winter- Green Dots Paper
  17. Woodland Winter- Orange Ornamental Paper
  18. Woodland Winter- Plaid 2 Paper
  19. Jane- Solid Papers- Yellow
  20. Jane- Elements- Pink Dried Flower
  21. Jane- Elements- Oval Brad with Book
  22. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- "Merry" Word Art Flag
  23. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Gold Metal Ornate Button
  24. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Pinecone 1
  25. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Pinecone 2
  26. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- "Around Here" Word Art Label
  27. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Peach And Pink Paper Flower
  28. Bright Days- Large Chevron Paper
  29. Bright Days- Orange Chevron Paper
  30. Bright Days- Green Damask Paper
  31. Bright Days- Doodle Circles Paper
  32. Bright Days- Dots Paper
  33. Bright Days- Grid Paper
  34. Bright Days- Hexagon Paper
  35. Bright Days- Horizontal Stripe Paper
  36. Bright Days- Blue Plaid Paper
  37. Bright Days- Pink Plaid Paper
  38. Bright Days- Star Confetti Paper
  39. Bright Days- Teal Stripes Paper
  40. Bright Days- Dictionary Paper