1. At The Fair- September 2014 Blog Train- Photo Booth Frame
  2. At The Fair- Clown Round Label
  3. At The Fair- Clown Card
  4. At The Fair- Circles
  5. At The Fair- Septmeber 2014 Blog Train- Woodchip Elephant
  6. At The Fair- September 2014 Blog Train- Accordian Flower
  7. School Fun- Paperclip
  8. School Fun- Orange Burlap Star
  9. School Fun- Orange Button
  10. School Fun- Orange Gingham Bow
  11. School Fun- Orange Gingham Ribbon
  12. School Fun- Orange Paper Leaf
  13. At The Fair Papers- Paper07
  14. At The Fair Papers- Paper08
  15. At The Fair Papers- Paper09
  16. Arabia Geo Paper
  17. Arabia Geometric Paper
  18. Arabia Stripes Paper
  19. Summer Daydreams- Make A Wish Wordart
  20. Summer Daydreams- Lazy Days Wordart
  21. School Fun- Word Art- I Love Recess
  22. School Fun- Word Art- Learn
  23. School Fun- Word Art- My First Day
  24. School Fun- Word Art- Read
  25. School Fun- Word Art- School Dayz
  26. Arabia Ephemera 1
  27. Arabia Charm- Coffe
  28. Arabia Flower- White 1
  29. Arabia Flower- Fabric
  30. At The Fair- Clown Face
  31. At The Fair- Bingo Card
  32. At The Fair- Candy Heart
  33. At The Fair- Button
  34. At The Fair- Brad 02
  35. At The Fair- Brad 01
  36. At The Fair- September 2014 Blog Train- Wordart- At The Fair
  37. At The Fair- Bingo Card- Template
  38. At The Fair- September 2014 Blog Train- Wordart- Admit One
  39. School Fun- Orange Accordian Flower
  40. School Fun- Open Notebook