1. Pond Life- Peaceful Serene Journal Card 3x4
  2. Pond Life- Sunburst Journal Card 4x3
  3. Pond Life- Bamboo Dragonfly Journal Card 4x6
  4. Space Explorer- Blue Light Blue Diamonds Paper
  5. Space Explorer- Colorful Horizontal Stripes
  6. Space Explorer- Colorful Notebook Pattern Paper
  7. Space Explorer- Colorful Stars Paper
  8. Sand & Beach- Gold Fish- Journal Card
  9. Sand & Beach- Red- Paper
  10. Sand & Beach- Starfish- Journal Card
  11. Sand & Beach- Starfish- Blue Paper
  12. Many Thanks- Teal Gem
  13. Many Thanks- Teal Ribbon
  14. Many Thanks- Thankful For You Word Art
  15. Many Thanks- Bunting (Unshadowed)
  16. Road Trip Floral Paper
  17. Road Trip Flower Paper
  18. Road Trip Hearts Paper
  19. Road Trip Postcards Paper- Small
  20. Road Trip Postcards Paper
  21. Road Trip Trailer Paper
  22. Oh Baby, Baby- Orange Striped Star
  23. Oh Baby, Baby- Tan Striped Star
  24. Oh Baby, Baby- Yellow Striped Star
  25. Oh Baby, Baby- Orange & Green Heart Scatter
  26. Sand And Beach- Sunglasses Orange
  27. Sand And Beach- Arrow 1
  28. Sand And Beach- Metal Camera Clip
  29. Sand And Beach- Paper Flower
  30. Sand And Beach- Sticker Arrow Peel Blue
  31. Christmas In July- Ornate Paper- Blue
  32. Christmas In July- Polka Dot Paper- Blue
  33. Christmas In July- Ornate Paper- Brown
  34. Christmas In July- Candy Cane Paper
  35. Oh Baby Baby- Sweater Pattern Paper- Red
  36. Oh Baby Baby- Sock Monkey Paper- Blue & Brown
  37. Oh Baby Baby- Words Scramble Paper- Blue
  38. Oh Baby Baby- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Paper 02
  39. Independence- Yellow Crochet Flower
  40. Independence- Yellow Doily