1. Outdoor Adventures- Paint- Blue Spatter
  2. Outdoor Adventures Alpha- Stamp Sticker- Yellow
  3. Outdoor Adventures- Word Art- Biking
  4. Paper 751- Gloves & Shovel Overlay
  5. Paper 752- Word Overlay- Life
  6. Paper 753- Words & Hearts Paper
  7. The Veggie Patch- Peas in Pod Sticker
  8. Outdoor Adventures- Layered Template- Bare Tree 01
  9. The Veggie Patch- Tan Veggies & Dots Paper
  10. The Veggie Patch- Solid White Paper
  11. The Veggie Patch- Veggies Word Art
  12. The Veggie Patch- Seedling Sticker
  13. The Veggie Patch- Brown Button
  14. Paper 750- Floral Template
  15. Paper 748b- Happy Vegetables Overlay- Small
  16. Paper 748- Happy Vegetables Overlay
  17. The Veggie Patch- Harvest Plant Stick
  18. The Veggie Patch- I Love You Word Art
  19. The Veggie Patch- Brown Veggies & Dots Paper
  20. The Veggie Patch- Yellow Crochet Sunflower
  21. The Veggie Patch- Red Veggies Paper
  22. The Veggie Patch- Green Thumb Word Art
  23. The Veggie Patch- Autumn Plant Stick
  24. Bolivia Cork Elements- Filmstrip Frame
  25. Bolivia Cork Elements- Filmstrip Frame Painted
  26. Bolivia Cork Elements- Film Frame
  27. Bolivia Cork Elements- Film Frame Painted
  28. At The Fair Ice Cream Cone Paper
  29. At The Fair Banner Paper
  30. Summer Fields- Wreath
  31. Summer Fields- Washi Tape
  32. Summer Fields- Yellow Baker's Twine
  33. Summer Fields- Yellow Doily
  34. Summer Fields- Yellow Flower
  35. Summer Fields- Yellow Flower 2
  36. Summer Fields- Yellow Flower 3
  37. Summer Fields- Yellow Leaf
  38. Outdoor Adventures- Pine Needles Pattern Overlay
  39. Outdoor Adventures- Gingham Pattern Overlay
  40. Outdoor Adventures- Fish Scale Pattern Overlay