1. Look, A Book!- Pink Flower
  2. Look, A Book!- Pink Star
  3. Good Day- Journal Card- One Wild And Precious Life
  4. Good Day- Journal Card- What Will You Do?
  5. Good Day- Journal Card
  6. Good Day- Journal Card- Flower
  7. Good Day- Journal Card- Idle And Blessed
  8. Good Day- Journal Card- Pay Attention
  9. Look, A Book!- Blue Doodles Paper
  10. Look, A Book!- White Flower Doodle
  11. Look, A Book!- Blue Wave Paper
  12. Look, A Book!- Solid Dark Gray Paper
  13. Look, A Book!- Paint 1
  14. Renewal May 2015 Blog Train Mini Kit- Book Page Frame
  15. Sunburst Layered Overlay/Paper Template 10
  16. Renewal May 2015 Blog Train Mini Kit- Doodle Arrow Label
  17. Corky Bits- Bike Element
  18. Corky Bits- Banner
  19. Gold Leaf Foil Papers Kit- Gold Foil 16
  20. Look, A Book!- Orange Enamel Flower
  21. Look, A Book!- Orange Flower
  22. Good Day- Pink Painted Paper
  23. Good Day- Elements- Paint Splatter
  24. Good Days- Wood Today
  25. Good Day- Journal Cards- Now
  26. Good Day- Sweet Word Art
  27. Good Day- Papers- Painted Squares
  28. Plastic Frame Template 003
  29. Frame Shape Mask 006
  30. Love It Word Art Shape Mask Template 01
  31. Moments Word Art Shape Mask Template 01
  32. Paint Stamp Template 074
  33. Shine- Leaves Template
  34. Shine- Paper Doily Template
  35. Shine- Leaf 01 Template
  36. Shine- Medium Paper Flower Template
  37. Look, A Book!- Dot Frame Doodle
  38. Look, A Book!- Umbrella Doodle
  39. Look, A Book!- Teal Flower Doodle
  40. Look, A Book!- Teal Fuzz Doodle