1. Woodland Winter- Quatrafoil Paper
  2. Woodland Winter- Sprigs and Birds Paper
  3. Woodland Winter- Watercolor Paper Blue
  4. Reflections At Night- Paper 9
  5. Reflections At Night- Paper 10
  6. Reflections At Night- Paper 11
  7. Woodland Winter- Gray Animals Paper
  8. Bright Days- Horizontal Stripe Paper
  9. Bright Days- Blue Plaid Paper
  10. Bright Days- Wavy Paper
  11. Woodland Winter- Ornamental Paper
  12. Woodland Winter- Bunting Paper
  13. Woodland Winter- Blue Ornamental Paper
  14. Reflections At Night- Paper 3
  15. Reflections At Night- Paper 4
  16. Reflections At Night- Paper 6
  17. Reflections At Night- Paper 8
  18. Woodland Winter- Blue Animals Paper
  19. Woodland Winter- Blue Chevron Paper
  20. Woodland Winter- Blue Dots 2 Paper
  21. Furry Friends- Kitty- Cat Nap Word Art
  22. Bright Days Painty Bits- Blue Paint Border
  23. Bright Days Painty Bits- Combination Paint Border
  24. Bright Days Painty Bits- Blue Paint Bubble
  25. Bright Days Painty Bits- Blue Paint Butterfly
  26. Bright Days Painty Bits- Blue Paint Grunge
  27. Bright Days Painty Bits- Blue Paint Quatrefoil
  28. Woodland Winter-Blog Train Mini- Tag 3
  29. Woodland Winter-Blog Train Mini- Trees Paper
  30. Reflections Mini Kit- Bright Blue Button 8
  31. Reflections At Night- "Outdoors" Wordart
  32. Reflections At Night- "Shine Like A Star" Wordart
  33. Woodland Winter-Blog Train Mini- Doily Journal Card
  34. Bright Days Plaid Journal Card (Horizontal)
  35. Bright Days Plaid Journal Card (Vertical)
  36. Woodland Winter-Blog Train Mini- Blue Button
  37. Reflections At Night- Blue Sequins
  38. Reflections At Night- Sparkle Shaped Sticker Scatter
  39. Reflections At Night- "Do Not Stop" Wordart
  40. The Nutcracker- Tied Ribbon